Posted: 5/9/2019


       For two nights in a row, in Liverpool and Amsterdam, we have been treated to some very special Champions League results, culminating in a second All English final after the 2005 Moscow showcase when after a 1-1 tie, Manchester United defeated Chelsea 6-5 on pk's    At 8.00pm on Saturday June 01, at the Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid 5 times champions,  and last years defeated finalist Liverpool FC,  will face first timers Tottenham Hotspur.

            Each club receives only 16,000 tickets, including 300 for each club for staff and players families families in a 64,000 seat arena in the Spanish capital. Many go to sponsors and I have previously suggested that those people should be given a weekend in the Red Light District of Amsterdam  instead, and REAL fans given a MUCH larger proportion. Three thousand were already sold to neutral fans around Europe.

        Madrilenos are obviously pleased that Barcelona will not get the chance to win the Big Ears trophy in Madrid. Air fares are already sky high, as much as £1600.00 on EasyJet from Liverpool's Beatles themed John Lennon Airport or nearby Manchester and from the 5 London area airports.. Madrid is in the middle of Sppain and not near any other large city with accommodation options and an easy drive for visitors.

        After being 3 down including an away goal, Ajax fans ,may have already started booking non refundable flights on line at half time. Lucas Moura changed the tie beyond all recognition with his hat trick, including the third after 96 minutes, meaning three away goals gave his Spurs the trip to to the final. From Nether-lands to The Promised Land.

       The sight of 8 red and white clad Ajax players sprawled out on the turf like bowling pins skittled down by a bowling ball was a very sad ending for the legendary club at the newly named Johan Cruyff Arena. Many of their youthful stars will be sold really soon such is the way in Dutch football. Frenkie de Jong is headed to Barcelona and many more will leave. After stunning Real Madrid and Juventus the free flowing team was favourite after the first leg victory in North London.  The last time I was at the stadium in the press box for a Dutch Eredivisie League match. i was offered some Dutch cheese and ham sandwiches and fruit in the press lounge plus orange juice. Not just any orange juice, but BLOOD orange, red juice in the club's colours.

       For your information the Ajax club logo is made up of exactly ELEVEN lines, to represent the number of players on a team. Spurs go back even further to a 14th Century knight. Harry Hotspur was said to have been given the name Hotspur as he dug in his spurs to make his horse go faster as he charged into battle and he was said to be fond of fighting cocks fitted with spurs.

      In every Liverpool winning final their opponents have worn white, like Tottenham's home jersey: Borussia Monchengladbach, Club Brugge, Real Madrid and AC Milan.  After his recent hat trick at Huddersfield, Lucas Moura has scored two in 25 days compared with Harry Kane in 500 days !

       Argentian coach Mauricia Pochettino ran on to the pitch at the final whistle and wept with joy. The 3,000 visiting fans among the crowd of 53,285 were held back in the upper tear at full time and the players and staff serenaded them after returning from the dressing room. Spurs are the eight English club to reach the finals, 2 more than anoy other country/