Posted: 4/15/2019


        You may not have read about it amongst the Champions League, EPL final few matches and more BUT some good news. Fixed Odds Betting has been a scourge on the public for years. Finally the British Government through the DCMS (Department of Culture, Meedia and Sport) has finally taken action. From this month Betting Shops have reduced the maximum  bet on these machines to £2.00 from the previous £100.00.

       I was never a betting person, and even go to York Races to watch the beauty of the horses and never place a bet. I just enjoy taking photos. 14 % of punters are problem gamblers and can't control themselves, ruining themselves and their families and many see no hope and take their own lives. . On 330,000 occasions in a recent 10 month peried individuals have lost £1000,00 or more in one session. Many fill in a form on line and ask NOT to be contacted, but the betting fraterniy STILL sends them offers on a daily basis.. Paddy Power and Betfred tried to get round the limit THE NEXT DAY, but were caught out.

        The other good news is that my home town club BLACKPOOL FC would NOT be penalized by a 10 point reduction. After 4 years of boycotting hme matches the fans packed Bloomfield Road after the club was put into the hands of administraitors after the wretched OYSTEN FAMILY were relieved of their ownership by the court after failing to pay back more than  £20 million owed to Latvian businessman Valeri Belokon,  a minority owner. The Oysten family failed to keep him in the know and after the millions earned by promotion to the Premier League in 2010 Owen and son  Karl Oysten used the money for their own businesses, to the detriment of the club and its supporters.

      The Football League thinks that the club is in good hands and that the administrators will find a suitable buyer in the near future. The playing pitch and the training ground need extensive renovations, since they are both far from even acceptable standards for a Football League club.