Posted: 3/29/2019


       There cannot be a more hated figure in British Isles football than JOHN DELANEY the CEO of FAI (Football Association of Ireland) in Dublin.

        At the recent home match v Georgia at Aviva Stadium,  dozens of tennis balls were thrown on the pitch as a protest to his continued presence in the nation's football association. He is paid at least Euro 360,000 annually plus expences and earns more than that being away on UEFA and FIFA business instead of looking after the day to day affairs of FAI.  UEFA is to charged the association for the tennis balls fiasco as the Boys in Green scrapped through1-0 aftera  similar score at lowly Gibraltar a few days earlier.

      He is to step down later this year and received E240,000 less, but with his fat payemts from Nyon and Zurich he will still enjoy a lavish lifestyle. He is to be given a yet unamed executive job, so will still wield some power. It was also leaked that the FAI also pay him E3,000 a month to rent a detached Georgian house in the countryside. Also that he actaully 'loaned' The FAI E100,000 recently.

      Across the Irish Sea in Manchester is another very controversial figure. Gordon Taylor age 74 and a former player with Buy FC receives £2.3 million annually as boss of the English Players Union, about 10% of the annual income the union receives from the Premier League from TV revenue. Founded in 1907 it has about 4,000 members who pay a maximum of £100.00 as an annual fee. He is the highest paid boss of a union anywhere and has been in charge for 39 years. Time for a change? YOU BET !!

        It was decided this week that he will step down..eventually, but not for another few months while Thomas Linden QC and a commission will review things. The entire conmmittee will also step down including recent chairman Ben Purkis, and none of them can apply for a position in the next 5 years.

    Nothing major has been achieved since  JIMMY HILL took the reins many years ago and was unpaid. He got rid of the retain and transfer and salary cap.  Surely the many very well paid members should pay at least 10 or 20 times the current £100 fee and take a much closer interest in their own affairs?