Posted: 2/11/2019


        From Nantes to Cardiff and worldwide, the tragedy of the Argentinian forwarrd and pilot David Ibbotson has shocked the world. The Piper Malibu N264D8 single propeller aircraft went down in the English channel in bad weather on the way to South Wales on January 21st.  Sala's body was recovered from the wreck on the bottom of the sea but the pilot has yet to be found. A GoFundMe appeal has so far raised over £150,000, half that needed for a private search.

      Why the flight was delayed by 12 hours and why the pilot was switched on the day is still a mystery. Why would such a flight take place in bad weather and freezing temperatures at night?

       Why has the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) mysteriously removed the name of the owner of the plane? Already Nantes FC are demanding the first payment of £5 million from The Bluebirds before any inquests or burials have taken place.

       Mega rich Scottish football agent Willie McKay was was his son who set up the flight. Wasn't Hadrian's Wall built two centuries ago to keep these types from straying over the border and into England? Obviousy with an address in Monaco and jet planes at the ready there was no stopping him.

         He agreed that he had paid for the flight but not chosen the plane or the pilot. To get a commercial flight Sala would have to have changed in Amsterdam. 

      Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock is also feeling the heat from the media. He has McKays twin sons 21 year old Jack and Paul,who is on the u23's. at the Welsh club.

        "He is an agent, who speaks French, and helps with most transfers of French based players to the UK". The agent was reported to tell Sala that he was not interested in him personally, but just out to make money. He conceded that he had planted statements to West Ham United and Everton to up the price, even though those clubs had shown no interest, only Cardiff City. He had also used McKay to sign Sol Bamba recently on a free transfer.

        Great news about Qatari player Hakeem al- Araibi, who has just been released from a jail in Bangkok, Thailand after his extradition back to Bahrain was cancelled, and he is free to return to his club in Australia, Pascoe Vale FC. He travelled to Thailand last November for his honeymoon and was detained with his wife on a Bahrainian extradition warrent., and worried about being tortured and even killed if he was sent back there.