Posted: 2/7/2019


           I watched about 3 minutes of the Super Bowl from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta Ga. and then switched off. There were 50,000 fans present paying about $2000.00 to $4,000 a ticket, so I am told. The first Super Bowl (not yet called that), in The Los Angeles Colisseum cost $12.00 a ticket. The recent MLS Final in Atlanta had an attendance of 53,000.

         Lamar Hunt was playing with one of those small, bouncy balls called a Superball, and got the idea of Super Bowl. I spoke to him and told him when I visited the REAL Coliseum at the 1960 Olympic Games, I was impressed by roman numerals which looked great  in three dimension. He liked my idea and now all the Super Bowls have Roman moment of fame !!!

        One player who was not present  in Atlanta was No. 60 Tommy Nobis. one of the original Atlanta Falcons and drafterd in 1966 after winning the College championship for the Texas Longhorns in Austin in 1963. He passed away over a year ago at age 74. His daughter Devon Jackoniski is an orthopedic physicians assistant. When a pathology report completed by Boston University CTE unitafter his death. he had Stage Four of Chronic traumatic encephalopolty-the most severe caused by a lifetime of blows to the head, the worste the center had ever seen.

        He had founded The Tommy Nobis Center to help people with disabilities. His condition became so severe that his son and daughter kept themselves and their children away in later years. Violent moods, substance abuse, paranoia and eventually--death -- are common. He had spent a lifetime from Little League to the Pros hitting people with his head. 

       She quoted Emperor Honorius 393 AD to 423 AD who closed the violent gladiator schools and ultimately prohibited galdiatorial contests. Devon feels that the hurt of American football is not wotrh the passing entertainment of the game.