Posted: 1/14/2019


        Nothing to do with Gareth Southgate but ECB cricket boss Ashley Giles of the other Three Lions wants to ban football as part of the England Test team's  training sessions after players have suffered minor injuries. The coaching staff and players are against his idea of a ban. as they prepare for the World Cup and Ashes this summer.

       What do you think of David de Gea and the Match of the Season at Wembley on Sunday as Ole Gunner Soskljaer won six in a row against possible heir apparent Mauricio Pochettino with a 1-0 victory?. He had a poor World Cup in Russia and some other dodgy matches, but his 11 saves just in the second half kept a 1-0 lead as Spurs fought back. Reminder of the heroics of Edwin van der Saar and Peter Schmeichel. How many of you remember the performance of a lifetime at the Old Wembley back in 1973 by Jan Tomaszewski of Poland, who denied England a place in the 1974 World Cup Finals after Brian Clough had called him a clown prior to kick-off. ?

          Two days earlier on a Friday night at Elland Road Leeds United put in an awesome performance against Frank Lampard's Derby County to win 2-0 with two pks disallowed and keep on top of The Championship with a four point lead.over Sheffiield United and Norwich.   Coach Marcello Bielsa admitted to sending a spy to watch County train on Thursday afternoon which resulted in the Derbyshire police asking Lampard to finish the session early fearing more than a spy.

          In my younger days I used to go and watch training sessions of pro clubs, many of who didn't mind with poorly guarded sites. Sometimes clubs trained on concrete or gravel in the car park or on park pitches, as some still do today.

         Martin Keown said that Leeds had 'broken the moral code', Frank Lampard "It's over the top and not just  over the line but its a hop,step and jump over the line"  Jermaine Jenas thought it was disgraceful, even though its common in Argentina and elsewhere.  Pep Guardiola thinks that Bielsa is a genius and he has certainly brough fresh ideas to The Championship and his players love him and his ideas at Thorpe Arch training centre and at matches. Leeds United apologized to Derby and said that it won't happen again.

I don't want to see it happen again but GIVE ME A BREAK. The EFL is sponsored by Sky Bet and even have in match betting during broadcasts. I think that something like £42 million has been lost by punters in one season alone and brought on suicides and bankrupcies and broken homes. The league allows some very dodgy owners, ask Blackpool, Charlton and other fans groups. They allow massive  amounts of money to leave the game via agents fees, , don't clamp down on diving,dodgy tax avoidances schemes by players and more.

         When high flying Norwich City painted the away dressing room deep pink prior to Leeds arrival earlier in the season  to lower the testerone level, United spanked them 3-0 and thanBielsa  had his team tidy up the room after the win. Not long ago Werden Bremen sent a  drone over the Hoffenheim training ground during a session.  Both Leeds and Derby wore betting firm advs across their jerseys at the televised match. Maybe a third of clubs in the EPL and Champuonship wear such jersey advs,  while at Wembley neither United or Spurs did so in front of 80,000 spectators.and a world wide audience.

             Performance of the weekend. Blackpool,after 7 straight without a win won 1-0 at Fratton Park in Division One with a second half strike by Chris Long over leaders Portsmouth.