Posted: 11/30/2018


         This is the stupid message given by that wanna be movie gangster Ray Winstone, who really needs elocution lessons up in Barnsley. and Hartlepools fan Jeff Sterling. both highly paid by Sky TV betting.

        Simon Stevens, CEO of NHS England states that 430,000 people are already addicted to gambling, with another 2 million not far off having a major problem. 60% of clubs in the top 2 leagues have betting firms across their team jerseys and some clubs such as Stoke City are owned by multi millionaire gambling chiefs. 9 out of 20 in the Premier League and 17 out of 24 in the Sky Bet Championship. I get ticket promotional offers from Leeds United weekly with an upgrade in seats including a lady who will come to my seat to make betting that much more easily and... glamorous?

      Denise Coats, boss of BET 365 in Leeds earned herself £265.00 million and change last year from this hugely vile business.

         The business is worried about government interference and loss of jobs and income. Formula One got rid of tobacco and 'smoking is good for you' advs and did not lose fans, income or prestige. If many employees, with mathmatical attributes were laid off then perhaps we ccould expect more maths teachers and smaller class sizes?

          I greatly admire Tracey Crouch, the Sports Minister who quit over the delays to fixed-odds betting terminals in betting shops. She suggested that failure to introduce change until next October could result in hundreds more people killing themselves because of gambling addiction. At present the (FOBT) Fixed Odds Betting Terminals maximum stake is £100.00 EVERY FEW SECONDS,  and will be reduced to £2.00. £1.6 Billion would be lost until next October on these machines.  After her highly publicised move the government agreed to bring the change forward to next April. Tom Watson, Labour's shadow Culture Secretary accused Jeremy Wright, the Culture Secretary of having " prioritised corporate interests over victims".

      Let the FUN STOP.. please. Get a life Jeff.  Stick to reading the scores at 6.00pm on match days.