Posted: 9/24/2018


     The Bavarian weekend began on Friday evening at the Jahn stadion as TSV 1860 Rosenheim hosted Bayern Munchen ll. A very exciting contest with 3-2 to the hosts. They needed the points to lift them from the bottom three.Their impressive u19 team leads their league and the boys were selling beer to the fans all evening from a wheel barrow.

      Besides the free programmes there were also free pins, stickers and brochures to gain support for EURO 2024 in Germany, with the only rival Turkey getting negative reviews. Lack of hotel rooms and airport capacity apart from in Istanbul and Antalya...and safety concerns.NO CONTEST. The decision will be announced on September 27th.  FIFA World Cup 2006 was an awesome experience with sold out stadiums and massive fan zones.

       Oktoberfest opened on Saturday at The Wiesen with 500,000 people showing up. Many joined me later at inner city Grunwalder Stadium dressed in lederhosen and dirndl and felt feathered hats. Packed stadium with fans chanting and singing non stop. Alas TSV 1860 Munchen went ahead but lost 2-1 to visitors  SV Wehen Weisbaden. How not to run a club. 1860, thats when they started gymnastics but only a fussball section since 1899. 

      They were original Bundesliga members before FCB and shared Olympiastadion since 1972 and jointly funded Allianz Arena. They sold their share to Bayern but got relegated about 4 tiers a couple of years ago and left for Grunwalder. A long way back to B 2.

      On Sunday I took the train from Rosenheim to Salzburg to watch Red Bull v Rapid Wien, Austria's most succesful club.  Too big for league matches Red Bull Arena had an upper tier with no fans apart from one section. Massive fan participation at either end with constant singing, chanting, giant flag waving plus green and red flares and smoke bombs. Red Bull led 2-0 until a late Rapid goal. Final score 2-1.