Posted: 9/14/2018


       According to David Gold, West Ham United co-chairman. that is what football agents are doing to The Beautiful Game.

      Yesterday top flight EPL chairmen met and made proposals to bring to The Football Association and to FIFA. A crackdown on agents is needed. "They are starting to run football", according to Gold. Last season of 541 EPL deals, 80% were "DUAL REPRESENTATION". where agents represented both the clubs and the players and were paid by both. 

      It is upto FIFA and UEFA to come up with a solution, possibly capping agent fees at 5%. SOME CHANCE !!  Meanwhile UEFA wants to start a THIRD club competition..without even consulting member clubs.

      FIFA, who lost $269 million last year is still paying lavish salaries and expenses to the new FIFA COUNCIL, which replaced to old FIFA Executive, many of whom are serving time in prison.

       FIFA Council members receive $250,000 annually despite meeting 3 times a year maximum. plus $300.00 a day while on duty and business class flights and luxury hotels. BELT TIGHTNING !! Executive members used to get $500 a day for them and their partners and first class flights.

     President Gianni Infantino got a $1.5 million swisss francs salary ($1.53) down by over $1 million from Sepp Blatter who paid himself a $12 million bonus after FIFA World Cup 2014.

      Who are these fortunate creatures receiving big bucks. ? If you know any of them please question what in fact they do, and most have a decent salary anyway,from their association, clubs and federations.

       Gianni Infantino FIFA President: Salman Bin Ibrahim Al- Khalifa Bahrain: Aleksandor Ceferin Slovenia: David Gill  The FA; Sander Csanyi Hungary; Ahmed Ahmed Madagascar; Victor Montagliana Canada; Alejandro Dominguez Paraguay; Lambert Matlock Vanuatu; Tarak Bouchamaoui Tunisia; Sonia Bien-Ame Turks & Cacos; Ramon Jesuran Colombia; Almany Kabee Comare Guinea; Pedro Chaluja Panama; Marca Sol Munez Ecuador; Lee Harmon Cook Islands; Sandra Frucean American Samoa; Mariano Araneta Philippines; George Koumas Cyprus; Lydia Nsekera Burundi; Sunil Gulati USA; Fernando Sarney ; Tashima Kohzo Japan; Zhang Jian China PR; Chung Mong Gyu Korea Republic; Omari Constant Congo PR; Fernando Sarney Brazil; Wilmar Valdez Uruguay; Alexey Sorokin Russia, Dejan Savicevic Montenegro; Fernando Gomez Portugal;. Reinhrad Grindel Germany; Evelina Christillin .Italy.

        Many believe that they should only be paid expenses.