Posted: 8/1/2018


          I recently told you about the sorry assed University of Maryland, Baltimore County ( UMBC)  Professor of Sports Economics Dennis C. Coates who was paid $9,000.00 to write a paper suggesting that the 1994 World Cup in USA had a negative financial impact, and that the 2022 bid should be be stopped. He previously lectured at University of Perm in Russia, The Koln Sportschule in Germany and at University of Maryland.

         He was paid by Michael Holzman of BLJ, a PR company in NYC who were paid well over $1 million at the rate of $80,000 a month by the Qataris to prevent USA or Australia challenging their bid.  I am not sure what the soccer moms in Maryland Youth Soccer or indeed  UMBC mens NCAA Div l coach Peter Carinji Jr ( or women's coach Vanessa Mann would have to say or indeed UMBC President for the last 26 years Freeman A. Hrabowski lll ?

       It came to my attention yesterday that Michael Holzman was helping to burnish the image of the Syrian Assad regime through the Office of the First Lady of the Syrian Arab Republic for $5,000 a month. Qatar has links to militants who helped the Manchester Arena bomber who murdered 22 and injured many more.  Recently Prime Minister Theresa May met at No 10 Downing Street with Qatar's Emir Tamim bin Hamad,

       Qatar denies the recent World Cup bid charge. For most of us, if we make a mistake we own up, say sorry and promise not to make such a mistake ever again. To the Arab mind it is rather to be angry that they got caught and how to not get caught the next time !!

      The desert Emirate has sent thousands of body bags back to South East Asia with workers who have died during World Cup construction. They are not allowed in the air conditioned malls in their spare time and have their passports held. They are allowed to dress up in borrowed Arab robes to fill up as best they can the empty seats at the local football league, then return the robes and are bussed back to their seedy accommodation. 

     Qatar has well documented ties to Islamist-inspired terror groups such as al Quaeda. For years senior members of the Qatari royal family have been funding and supporting such groups. as part of a carefully orchestrated campaign to undermine pro-western regimes in the Arab world such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

      Should be still have the next FIFA World Cup in Qatar ?