Posted: 7/30/2018


        It was in Decembe 2008 at the Sandton Convention Centre between Johannesburg and Pretoria that I visited the QATAR 2022 'Expect the Unexpected' booth during the SOCCEREX World Wide Expo.  I was offered coffee, arab whisky( mint tea), candy, cookies and an expensive bid bag.

    Two years later QATAR won the vote to host the 2022 FIFA WORLD CUP in this sorry hot and humid Middle Eastern kingdom with little of no football tradition or interest.  After a failed bid  to host the 2016 Olympic Games  Emir Sheikh Hamaf bin Khalifa al Than was determined to get the World Cup.  Of the 22 FIFA executives that voted that days most are in jail, charged and fined for bribery and corruption and out of office.

      The two top FIFA officials who signed the framed certicicate presented on stage that day have both been banned by FIFA.   President Sepp Blatter who paid himself a $12 million fee after the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.despite the Local Organizing Committees and thousands of volunteers doing most of the work. Also banned was General Secretary Jerome Valcke after some dodgy World Cup ticket dealings, and hiring a private jet to take his family to their Alpine chalet at FIFA expense.

        Mohamed bin Hammam a  Qatari official paid millions to influence the voting and was banned for life in 2011 for trying to bribe voters in his Presidential run against Blatter.

       In January 2010 Qatar paid the Confederation of African Football (CAF) who had 4 votes, $1.8 million to sponsor their convention and exclude other bidding nations from having a presence.

      A New York based PR Company with other offices in London was hired by Qatar for BLACK OPS against USA and Australian bids. BROWN LLOYD JONES (BLJ) now BLJ Worldwide is led by CEO Michael Holtzman. 1359 Broadway Suite 1102 tel 212 486 7070 and in London 15/17 Grosvenor Gardens tel 020 7932 1599.

           A buffoon of a Sports Economics Professor from UMBC Maryland Dennis C. Coates was paid $9,000 to write a paper saying that USA should not support a World Cup bid as US taxpayers would suffer and USA P.E teachers were paid to tell Congress to not support the USA bid and to rather spend on High School PE programs. Ex CIA operators were also paid for BLACK OPS.

         Coates office is at 1000 Hilltop Circle MD 21250. coates@ tel office 410 455 3243 and home 428 Westside Blvd tel 410 747 1224. Not sure if there is the death penalty for TREASON in MD but send his hog tied sorry ass to Huntsville TX where there is.

       A University of Adelaide Economics Professor  Richard Pohfret declined a similar offer. However rugby playing students in Melbourne were paid to show HANDS OFF OUR RUGBY, NO TO WORLD CUP banners at matches in Australia.  BLJ were paid over $80,00 a month for their work.

      A whistleblower met recently with DAMIAN COLLINS MP and paperwork was handed over to the SUNDAY TIMES.

      BIDDERS SHOULD REFRAIN from making any written or oral statements of anykind about other candidatures. FIFA rules are very explicit.

        What will FIFA do? In my opinion ALL UEFA countries should refrain from entering the qualification tournament for QATAR 2022.


      MORE LATER...