Posted: 4/18/2018


          WELL, we all know NOW after Stanley were promoted to the third tier of English football for the very first time, in front of a season's best crowd of 3,176 at the WHAM STADIUM last night, and promotion to Division One.  Two goals by Billy Kee, his 24th & 25 goals this term in a 2-0 win over Yeovil.and a pitch invasion.

          Manager John Coleman with 16 years in two spells at the club has guided them to 50 points out of a possible 57 in recent months. Normally called the Crown Ground, a £200,000 sponsorship bought the Wham title. The club has a very small £17,000.00 a week budget and an average gate of 1,790. Accrington is half way between Blackburn to the west and Burnley to the east..about 5 miles each way.

         The club was reformed in 1968, 50 years ago,  after resigning from the Football League 6 years earlier.. 12 years ago they regained a place in the Football League Division 2 and have struggled most of the time.

          In the late 1980's they became a cult figure of light hearted fun after a famous low budget 40 second advert by the Milk Marketing Board was shown on TV for 6 years from 1979.. It was nicknamed The Ian Rush advert. Two 10 year old lads with thick Scouse (Liverpool) accents were drinking milk in a kitchen. "My mum says that Ian Rush told her that if you don't drink milk you will only be good enough to play for Accrington Stanley !". "Accrington Stanley? , WHO ARE THEY."  " EXACTLY" came the reply.  The two lads were Kevin Staine and CARL RICH. He received a one time only fee of £90.00 and was offered the Liverpool jersey he wore. "No Thanks, I have one " he said. the club received royalties of £10,000 when they were still none-league.. the original adv is easy to download even now.

         Tweny seven years later a much older Carl Rich starred in a spoof adv, for Black Cow Vodka, which is evidently made only from milk.It was made in 2006 with the same script, but was banned a year later by the Advertising Council. Originally the name Tottenham Hotspur was going to be used but they refused to give permission and so Accrington Stanley was used instead.