Posted: 2/21/2018


         In 2013 Wigan Athletic won the F/A. Cup and got relegated. There is a statue outside the DW Stadium of owner Dave Whelan, a former FA Cup Final hero who broke his leg at Wembley, holding the FA Cup. He did not finish the 1960 FA Cup Final as his team Blackburn Rovers lost 3-0 to Wolverhampton Wanderers. I was there for my first FA Cup Final. 7/6d ticket. At the time Athletic were non league, way down the pyramid.and not elected to the Football League until 1978.

         Will Grigg is a Northern Ireland international and a favourite in Wigan, with many chants and songs about him, including WILL GRIGG ON FIRE. His 79th minute winner on Monday night will no doubt produce many more. Manchester City, running away with the EPL with their Beautiful Game and wonderful players were in line for 4 trophies this season. NOT ANY MORE !!

     19,000 fans, their biggest crowd of the season..showed up for this giant slaying battle without much hope of winning. The Latics had lost their last two league matches in the 3rd tier of the English pyramid to Southwnd United and Blackpool in their quest to get back into the Championship. Manager Paul Cook had been brought in from Portsmouth and he had also had a successful stint at Chesterfield.  His opposite number  Pep Guardiola had been in charge of much more famours world class clubs..BUT....,THIS IS THE F.A.CUP !!

    When referee Anthony Taylor pulled out a yellow and then changed it to a red and sent off Fabian Delph for a challenge on Max Power. the Latics thought that they were in with a chance. Unsavoury tunnel pushing, shoving and shouting at half time, shown on live TV were not what football needs.

    What happened at full time was much more serious. The police and stewards were overwhelmed and there was a massive pitch invasion. The main priority was to contain the visiting Sky Blue fans,..all 4,000 of them. Most of the home fans were in a joyful mood but it soon turned ugly. A City fan spit in the ear of  Sergio Aguero and shouted obscentities. He has been identified my fans with camera phones and CCTV. City are considering reporting him to the police for COMMON ASSAULT...a two year prison sentence hopefully.

      Throw the book at him and ban him for life... Both clubs have been charged by the Football Association and Wigan should expect major action. WE often protest about highly paid players, but they should not be subjest to assualt when at work. City had 82 % possession in the second half but no goals. They face Arsenal at Wembley on Sunday afternoon in the League Cup Final without Delph who is suspended for three matches.