Posted: 12/12/2017


             You may remember the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2010 ??   Probably not !! . The Winter Games are not for everyone, with half the world not taking part. The wealthy nations display all that expensive fur at the Opening Ceremony, and much of the world switches off.

             I do remember how they won the votes at the IOC Congress in Guatemala City, July 4th, 2007, when Vladimir Putin showed up, gave a speech in near perfect English and also answered questions to the media in French, two languages he was not known to speak. A Gold Medal performance for Vladimir.!  He is fluent in Russian, and also German,  since he was the leading spy in East Germany for many years during the Cold War.  Salzburg dropped out of the voting early and finally Sochi beat PyeongChang by 3 votes,  to be awarded the 2014 Games..which became the most expensive and the most corrupt EVER.

            Russia only won three gold medals in Vancouver and finished in eleventh place in the medal table...NOT ACCEPTABLE.. and that led to the cheating in Sochi.

            Vitaly Mutko, banned from PyeonChang next February and FOREVER MORE at IOC events, is STILL head of the FIFA RUSSIA 2018 organization. In 2010 he was head of the Russian Olympic delegation February 12-28 in Vancouver and if fact spent 19 or 20 days there. His great claim to fame was that he successfully claimed expenses for NINETY-SIX BREAKFASTS at his luxury hotel and also claimed $1,499.00 per night for his room !!. His answer was " check what the head of the French delegate claimed".

          The failure of FIFA President Gianni Infantino to deal with Mutko is worrying for many of us. In May of this year he abruptly fired the FIFA ethics committee which he replaced with Colombian Maria Claudia Rojas, whose lack of knowledge of both English and French, has slowed down any investigations.  Most ducuments are in those two languages and she has to  rely on the FIFA Secretariat. This inhibits her abiity to enter into confidential dealings with witnesses and experts. 

          The Council of Europe, in a statement by Anne Brasseur of Luxembourg,  states that the FIFA President's summary removal of the ethics and governance committee chairmen Cornel Borbely and Hans-Joachim Eckert  undermined the independence of the newly formed integrity procedures, and was a massive mistake.

         Hundreds of cases were ongoing and the fight against wrongdoing and corruption has been " INCAPACITATED'.  Mutko's allegedly was involved in "SYSTEMATIC DOPING" in 30 sports including the 2014  Russian World Cup squad, which Borbely had begun to investigate.. Over 900 documents had already been translated into English from Russian, which Rojas CANNOT READ. Borbely was also working on TWO  ethics investigations against Infantino,  including his interference in the election of  a new president of ( CAF). Confederation of African Football,  and UNDER-DECLARING THE BUDGET he was given by UEFA, where he was previously general secretary, to campaign for the FIFA Presidency. 

           Brasseur has concluded that Rojas is unsuitable for the investigative role. It calls for "Experience in the field of criminal investigations, especially financial investigations, which Ms Rojas does not have. She does not really meet the profile of a PROSECUTOR."

        " Regretfully, the general feeling is that the FIFA council, and Mr. Infantino in particular, wished to get rid of persons WHO MIGHT HAVE EMBARRASSED THEM !! "

         Brasseur said that she did not have a GOOD FEELING about the will of FIFA to implement reforms. " It is a systemic problem at FIFA. Those who are there want to stay there, because it is a marvellous job, and VERY WELL PAID OF COURSE.  They aren't happy if you criticise !! ".