Posted: 9/20/2017


           My first ever vist to Prenton Park, Birkenhead, home of Tranmere Rovers and Merseysides third club. What a grand stadium, all seater 16,500 and the biggest in non-league football as they sadly left the Football League. Liverpool FC reserves also play here.

           Once again plaudits to For bringing these matches to the provinces. Lots of kids and families and many buses parked outside bringing groups from all over. Only £1 for kids and seniors, and free England flags handed out to each of the 7,000 fans on a bright Tuesday evening.  The day before in Astana, Wales won 1-0 over Kazakhstan in the same group. The other team in the group of five is Bosnia-Herzegovina, up next in Walsall in November, followed by The Kazakhs in Colchester a few days later.

           Woeful defending by the visitors, coached by Elena Fumina. At 11 minutes Nikita Parris netted the first gaol and the whole X1 ran over to hug manager Mark Sampson. Local girl Jodi  taylor made it 2-0 two minutes later and the result was never in doubt after Ksenia Tsybutovill was shown the red card on the half hour. Fran Kirby had the penalty saved  but it finished 6-0 with  goals from Jordan Nobbs, Lucy Bronze- now with FC Barcelona, and a second half brace fro Toni Duggan, now with Lyon in France.

         It was almost like MAY DAY as French referee Stephanie Frappart flashed cards to the visitors all through the one sided contast. The England Band showed up and played througout from the Kop Stand to add to the atmosphere.

          Back at her home ENI ALUKA was fuming on twitter about what she thought was the false support for Welsh born coach Mark Sampson, who she has accused of racism. There are dark forces on her side and I am a BIG supporter of Sampson. 3rd in the world after a semi-final victory over Germany at the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup in Canada, the Chelsea player with 102 caps wants him sacked.

         From a coaching point of view, in my humble opinion she is CRAP, and past it. I have often wondered why she kept being picked. Her technique is aweful and was probably allowed to get a century of caps. She was born in Nigeria of a wealthy family and arrived as a one year old, Played at Birmingham City, Atlanta Beat,  St Louis Athletics, Sky Blue FC and Chelsea.

         Evidently the England trainers called her 'AS LAZY AS F..... I dont know about that but there is a lot of industrial language in both the men's and womens locker rooms.  A brilliant student who passed the bar while at Brunel University with First Class honours and the same across the pond with the New York bar. She is pursuing an entertainment law career in UK and USA and good luck.

        Sampson has changed the culture of the squad from one that was unfit and faded early and is supported with a large backroom team, business class flights and a desire to be no.1. A loss to The Netherlands in the EURO semi-final was hard to watch, but the road to FIFA WORLD CUP FRANCE 2019 has had an awesome start.

         Some other one sided scores the same day including Belgium 12 v Moldova 0, , Norway 6 v Slovakia 1, Iceland 8 v Faroes 0,  Hungary 1  Denmark 6. The Danes had been on strike against their federation, The DBU,  after a failed  collective bargaining agreement with the players union, and an offer of $60,000 contribution from the men's team.