Posted: 8/1/2017


           On Boxing Day 1860 ( The day after Christmas Day} Inter-Club football was Born. Sheffield FC, already 3 years old, visited SANDYGATE, the home of Hallam FC, the world's second oldest club at the world's oldest football ground. It was, and still is, the outfield of Hallam Cricket Club since 1804 when John Shaw decided to form a football club.

          The game was played until it got dark, with 15 aside and SFC ( nicknamed CLUB), won 2-0. On their team were CLUB founders Nathaniel Creswick and William Prest. In February in the snow CLUB won 2-0 again and a later game in March saw Hallam win 3-0 , although they had 18 players against 15 on that occasion.

         John Shaw switched to Sheffield FC for 20 years and played against Nottingham, the first inter city game and then down in London, where CLUB headed the ball, which caused great amusement in the capital. Hallam FC now sit two divisions lower in the league pyramid, so these annual derby games, usually played pre season due to the weather, are much appreciated.

        This Sunday in bright sunshine CLUB prevailed 4-1 at The Coach & Horses ground with long lines waiting to go through the turnstiles.

         Back in the middle of the 19th century football was played in the public(private) schools and at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, Rules, size of fields and number of players and length of games varied. In 1857 Prest and Creswick agreed that football would  be ideal for the winter months. On October 24th the world's first football club was born in a greenhouse, at the home of Harry Chambers. Chambers went on to be one of Club's greatest players and secretary, in a career that spanned 40 years.

        "No hacking or tripping up is fair under any circumstances". No player may be held or pulled over". "It is not lawful to take the ball off the ground, using hands.  Heading, solid crossbars, corner kicks, free-kicks for fouls, throw-ins, a half time change of ends, and floodlit matches can all be traced to the innovators of Sheffield FC.

        Who did the first club play before 1860?  WELL, the married men played the single men, professional gentlemen v workers, games between families... The FA Cup was founded in 1871 and in its third season Sheffield FC became the first northern club to take part. They reached the quarter finals that year  and in 1876 and 1878. In 1872 the very first international match was played in Glasgow between Scotland and England, with Sheffield's Charles Clegg representing England.  He would later become chairman then president of The F.A.  and receive a knighthood for his services to The Beautiful Game.

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         Come and watch the men's team or the ladies, who play in the  FAWSL2 and enjoy some beer and food at the Coach & Horses before, at half time and after the match.