Posted: 6/7/2017


               It looks as if Golden Balls is one step nearer to building a stadium for his proposed MLS franchise which he was allowed to buy on the cheap after his stint at LA Galaxy. His group just purchased three acres of land for $28 million to add to the six acreas that they already own. His partners are Simon Fuller his agent and billionaire Bolivian telecommunications tycoon Marcelo Claure.

              It is in the Overtown and Spring Gardens area and evidently the local residents are not exactly exited about the prospect of a 25,000 soccer stadium and its resulting fans and traffic in their neighbourhood. 

             England play at Hampden Park Glasgow on Saturday afternoon at 5.00pm in a FIFA Russia 2018 qualifier.  The new Hampden only holds 51, 866 but the record crowd was back in 1937 - 149,54 Scotland-England.   Back in 1966 prior to the World Cup in England I was present for Scotland 3 v England 4  on April 2 in front of ONLY 123,052 fans. Thousands of English fans never made it when the trains on the West Coast Line at Shap Fell were snowbound and the A6 road closed by snowdrifts. It had been a difficult journey in my mini car with 3 companions. A flat tire and a snowstorm meant we spent the night in a pub in Northumberland on the A1 road before making it in time via Glasgow.

                 In those days the Scots did not have fluoride in the water.  Waiting on the terraces behind one goal after the match there were lots of false teeth scattered around. The Scots were usually bought false teeth for a 21st birthday present !!   Roger Hunt 2 and Geoff Hurst and Bobby Charlton scored for The Three Lions  while Jimmy Johnstone 2 and Denis Law scored for the Dark Blues. Only 4,761 tickets have been supplied to members of the ESTC..England Supporters Travel Club for this weekend's fixture..

                Back in March at the Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund, a number of England fans misbehaved, yet again. 59  fans were identified by the police and reported to The FA. Two members have now been BANNED FOR LIFE. One had given the Nazi salute and the other put two fingers above his lip to suggest an Adolph Hitler salute. Many were singing WW ll songs. More were suspended for a number of years.  Fans bought crates of beer to drink in Dortmund's city centre. In Glasgow there will be NO drinking allowed in the streets on match day. and no pyrotechics allowed.

                 I will be a long way from Glasgow on Saturday.. read my next blog.

              Next Tuesday England will play a friendly against France at Saint-Denis with only 2,321 tickets offered to English fans. The  ESTC used to have up to 30,000 members. That is down to around 8,000 due to the performances of the England team and the location of foreign tournaments.

               Big news from The Middle East with QATAR,  the supposed 2022 FIFA World Cup tournament host, having major difficulties with their neighbours. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain and others have cut off dipolmatic relations and banned Qatar Airways and its citizens from their airports, shipping ports, air space. Abu Dhabi's state owned Etihad Airways and Dubai's Emirates Airlines. won't fly to Qatar any more. Qatar's only land route is to Saudi Arabia where most of their food comes from since they dont grow their own. Their neighbours have accused them of supporting terrorism. TALK ABOUT THE KETTLE CALLING THE POT BLACK!!  Evidently Qatar paid a ONE BILLION DOLLAR ransom to release a party of royals who were kidnapped while hunting with falcons  in Southern iraq. the money was paid to an al-Qaeda affiliate and to Iran.

         FIFA has lost a number of major sponsors due to all their scandals and recently gained QATAR AIRLINES as their airline sponsor. BAD IDEA.  This is an obviously evolving story...