Posted: 12/12/2016


       The second McLaren Report for WADA, The World Anti Doping Agency, was published on 9th December....BIG SURPRISE !!... Russian athletes in THIRTY SPORTS. are drug cheats. Summer and Winter Olympics and Paralympic athletes were caught after retesting of B samples after the Moscow and Sochi domestic testing labs were shown to be a massive cheating and cover up scandal.

      Richard McLaren is a Canadian law professor at Western University in Ontario.  17 Russian medalists from LONDON 2012 were retested and had their medals taken away. Originally ALL Russian athletes were banned from Rio 2018,  but IOC President Thomas Bach had the ban lifted and each sports governing body was to make their own decision. The country still came fourth in the medals table after USA, China and Great Britain. with 207 of Russian athletes allowed to compete. ALL their Paralympic athletes were banned.

       The Russian labs were closed down and now they have agreed that ALL their 2016 Rio Games athletes should be retested. LAMINE DIAK the then IAAF President is under investigation in France, with his passport taken away. He received £700.000 in bribes from the Russians in 2011 alone for agreeing to defer sanctions against Russian drug cheats. His son,PAPA MASSARA DIACK who he employed as a 'consultant' for IAAF is on the run and in hiding in his native Senegal with an Interpol Red Notice.  He is accused of accepting bribes for influence peddling for contracts and for the awarding of the IOC World Championships, including a £3,5 million fee from Qatar and from TOKYO 2020 for the Summer Games. The Russian Athletics Federation president VALENTIN BALAKHIVKHEV disputed the claims as ' A PACK OF LIES' and slanderous allegations.

      US Anti-Doping chief TRAVIS TYGART claims that as many as 99% of Russian athletes are guilty of doping. At the Sochi Winter Games in 2014 Russian spies were put in the labs and drilled 'mouse holes' in the walls of the labs and exchanged tainted samples for clean ones from relatives or other athletes. A couple of female ice hockey team members has samples replaced with male ones. Other samples showed minute scratches that forensic analysis showed tampering. Salts, coffee grounds and other methods were used to make the replaced 'clean' samples look OK. Chemical and other analysis is now so sophisticated that detection is now much easier. Bejing 2008 samples are now retested with more athletes losing their medals.

     The 2017 SKELETON and BOBSLED World Championships are due to take place next February 13-26,in Sochi,  but many countries want those events to take place elsewhere. The FIFA Confederations Cup is due to take place in 4 Russian cities next summer from June 17-July 02 as a mini dress rehearsal for FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA 2018. St. Petersburg, Moscow, Sochi and Kazan will host Russia, Germany, Argentina, New Zealand, Mexico, Chile, Portugal and one African entry. Spartak Stadium in Moscow, the new St Peterdburg stadium. Fisht Stadium in Sochi and Kazan Arena in the capital of Tatarstan. Both the 2017 and larger 2018 events will offer VISA FREE entry for foreign visitors who have match tickets with FAN-ID's issued electonically before arrival.

        A major problem to the Russians is that VITALY LEONTIYEVICH MUTKA, the Deputyty Russian Prime Minister is the big cheese behind RUSSIA 2018 and a VP of UEFA and FIFA and Minister of Sport from May 2012-19th October 2016. He was in charge of the successful RUSSIA 2018 bid. At the Winter Olympics in Vanvouver 2010 he claimed for 97 breakfasts during his 21 stay and $1,500.00 per night for his hotel room. He spent 12 TIMES his supposed limit.  He denied knowing anything about the drug scandal.....perhaps he was eating breakfast all day???