Posted: 10/7/2016


     Montenegro....THE NEXT PLACE TO BE...AND BE SEEN !

       New Easyjet flights to TIVAT on the Gulf of Kotor. A great area  to explore with great seafood, local wines and a cup of coffee or an ice cream cone for a euro. 

       This afternoon I made a visit to FK Tivat Arsenal, founded in 1914 and the second oldest club in the country. Now in Division 3  South and a small stadium Stadion u Parku, one block from the water, I managed to catch Sami after training with his friend . I think he is Samir Licina. The oldest club is FK Lovkev division 1 founded 1913.

       Late morning I took the BEST DEAL...a 45 minute bus ride round the Gulf of Kotor to the city of the same name KOTOR .. for 2 Euros. A steal. The area looks like Norwegian fjord country or the Italian Lakes..without the prices. However it is a Ria which is  a partially submerged non glacial river valley... not a fjord. Lots of  waterside bars and restaurants and a very narrow road with great views, lots of craft of all sizes and some massive cruise ships.

         Kotor is a thriving tourist mecca with a Farmers Market with nice fruit, vegetable, meats and cheese.. and you will be offered free samples. and flower stalls on the promenade. Figs and mushrooms are prominent, You enter the city walls via the Sea Gate with a Venetian logo very prominant,  built in 1555 AD during the Venetian rule 1430-1797. The town is from 5th Century BC.  Lots of winding streets  and many churches and squares. High above are huge limestone cliffs. you can climb 1350 steps up to more walls and St Johns Hill from 9th century.and the Castle of San Giovanni, about a 45 minute climb.

         St Nikola church is Serbian Orthodox and St Tryphon Cathedral are prominent and worth a visit, plus the smaller St, Lukes from 1195 AD, formerly catholic but now orthodox. Try a shot of rajika the fiery local spirit, or another local drink...pomegranite juice.

         Cats all over and I stopped and made a donation in a box to support the stray cats of Kotor  at a shop with cat souvenirs. 2 kittens in a box under the counter and one in a cozy cat house in the window. There is also a Kotor Cats museum...seriously.

       Tomorrow by bus to the nations capital PODGORICA.