Posted: 9/28/2016


        Do you remember one of my favourite movies of all time?: THE STING, starring  Robert Redford, Paul Newman and Robert Shaw. It won 7 Academy Awards in 1974 including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay.

       Forward 42 years and Sam Allardyce the England manager fell for the Daily Telegraph STING. and lost his lucrative £3 million a year, plus bonuses and free Nike Three Lions gear after just 67 days. No Academy award for his 'caught on camera' performance either. HE WILL NOT BE MISSED. He retreated to his large detached house near Bolton, and flew off to his £1.6 million Spanish home away from home in Benidorm, called BIG SAM'S VILLA, built with the proceeds of his £4 million pay off after leaving Newcastle United. He pocketed  £550,000  from the F.A. yesterday, which is pretty disgusting.

      BIG SAM has been the subject of many financial controversies over the years, and has certainly brought English football into disrepute and the laughing stock of world football. THE BEAUTIFUL GAME ? NOT REALLY.  Applause for new F.A. Chairman Greg Clarke and CEO Martin Glenn for being decisive. They met Allardyce at Wembley and agreed that there was 'NO WAY BACK' and it was time to part company.

       How could he be so stupid and naive to talk as he did in meetings at the May Fair Hotel in London and at a Manchester restaurant with supposedly big businessmen from the Far East?  They were actully working undercover for The Daily Telegraph and filmed the meeting with Allerdyce and his closest advisors. He spoke with strangers who claimed to be interested in buying players in a THIRD PARTY agreement, which is now totally against FA and FIFA regulations, and how to 'get round' those regulations.

       He had agreed a big, fat fee of £400,000.00 plus first class air travel just to speek with people in 4 meetings in Singapore and Hong Kong and elsewhere. Just to 'meet and greet' with high rollers. All was caught on film. and shown on every news and sports channel worldwide. NO ESCAPE. He also criticised his immediate predecessor Roy Hodgson and even mocked his slight speech impediment-calling him 'WOY'. He also slammed former assistant Gary Neville, Prince Wiiliam The Duke of Cambridge and 'naughty boy' younger brother Prince Harry and thought that the £870 million spent on the rebuilt Wembley Stadium was ridiculous.

     He was at a golf event at Stoke Park near Heathrow Airport when the Daily Telegraph bad news broke and hit him like a SAM MISSILE, to end his dream job. HE HAS PREVIOUS !! In a BBC PANORAMA programme in September 2006 he was accused of accepting 'bungs' (illegal payments) through his football agent son Craig while at Bolton Wanderers.. He threatened to sue the BBC but never did so on the advice of his lawyers. He has been involved in many tax avoidence schemes such as buying into movies ' and other projects.

    Reporting in June 2007,  Lord Stevens examined 362 suspicious transfers and was 'unable to sign off ' on 17 of them. Three involved Allardyce and Bolton Wanererers. The players involved were Ali al-Habsi, Tal Ben Hami and Blessing Kanu. AS OF TODAY those 3 tranfers have never been 'signed off'.!! Information was passed to FIFA, but they later stopped licencing agents and the matter was kicked into the long grass in Zurich. Kevin Bond, then Harry Redknapp's assistant at Portsmouth was also implicated and said that he would sue the BBC for defamation, but never carried through his threat.

     'The Telegraph' has said that it has information on at least 8 Premier League managers who have accepted bribes, and much more underhand and illegal dealings, which it intends to publish in the next few days after a 10 month undercover operation.

      England under 21 coach Gareth Southgate will take charge of the full England team in its next four matches, FIFA 2018 Russia qualification matches v Malta and Slovenia and the 'big one' at home to Scotland at Wembley on November 11th and a friendly at the same stadium 4 days later against Spain. 

      According to The Football Association. "We strive for the highest standards on and off the field. NOTHING LESS IS ACCEPTABLE !!