Posted: 8/19/2016


        Rio de Janeiro is not the safest place on earh by a long shot, but I have been to a lot worse, San Pedro Sula, Port au Prince, Nuevo Laredo and other Mexican border cities,  Celtic Park area of Glasgow ..... but the latest classless act by American Olympians doesn't help. The four USA swimmers, out on there own after their stints in the pool were over, claimed that they were robbed at gunpoint when they returned to the Olympic Village at about 4.00am.

      They had actually smashed open a door to a locked toilet at a gas station called Pit Stop and after causing trouble a security guard had pulled a gun to calm them down until police arrived and they paid for the damage and continued in their taxi.  All caught on CCTV, as was their entrance to the village where they were again caught on video smiling, putting their cell phones, wallets etc into a plastic case before going through security... nothing seems to have been stolen.

      Sounds like the antics of out of control college athletes in the last century at Oklahoma Univ and elsewhere who lived in luxury athlete only dorms and behaved badly on and off campus. Two of the four, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Congar were hauled off their US bound flights at Rio de Janeiro Airport and had their passports held. They were allowed to depart on a later flight. The most infamous idiot, Ryan Lockte, who has 'previous', had already flown home. Jimmy Feigen has paid a 35,000 real ($11,000.00) donation to a charity and had his passport returned. Their versions were all lies and the USA Olympic Committee unreservadly apologized to the IOC and to the people of Brazil. Goodbye endorsements.

       Pat Hickey is one of those arrogant IOC members that enjoy a 5 star lifestyle and insist on nothing but the best of hotels, meals, limos and first class flights.PLUS their t£900.00 a day IOC spending money !!!  After being accused of flogging expensive tickets to a ticket company owned by the obnoxious ticket tout owner of Ipswich Town FC, the police raided his hotel room. His wife said that he had left the country for Dublin. Why would he leave all that luxury and the per diem a week early?  They found the 71 year old in his adult son's ajoining suite in the bath. They hauled him off in his complimentary hotel white bath robe . He spent the night in Samaritano Hospital after feeling unwell , given tests and was then taken to police HQ. He remains in jail and has been refused bail. 

     A lot of questions are being asked in parliament and the media back home in Dublin. He runs the  Olympic Council of Ireland and is President of the European Olympic Committees and VP of Association of National Olympic Committees.  A former judokai, he has refused to cooperate with his goverment sports minister Shane Ross who flew to Rio for answers a few days ago. His ministry is charged with funding Irish Olympic athletes. He has temporaily stepped down from all his duties and the OCI, who were going to have an internal enquiry, have now handed it over to a fully independent commision.  He faces charges of ticket touting, the formation of a cartel and ambush or illegal marketing. THG Sports employee Irishman Kevin Mallon has been in custody for over a week on similar charges. No more hospitality tickets for The Dublin Horse Show I imagine ! 

     Conrast the above lifestyle with the Olympic Village cleaners paid 5.91 reals (£1.40 )an hour to change bed linen and clean toilets. They even have deductions for meals, transport and insurance and often miss meals because of long lines. UK based Clean Events have the contract and sub contracted it to Swiss Company ADECCO. I imagine both companies are making big bucks.