Posted: 7/26/2016


       Vladimir Putin is honorary President of the International Judo Federetation , and his 'pals' in the federation has passed his judo athletes as 'CLEAN FOR RIO'. All but one track & field athletes banned, neither soccer teams qualified, tennis players 'passed' '., and IOC chief Bach who is pals with Vlad, Thomas Bach chickened out and let the federations decide. Bach, the German lawyer won a fencing team foil gold medal at Montreal 1976, which I atteded for a week and local taxpayers were still paying for construction cost overuns for thirty years. He lives in a mansion in the IOC headquarters city of Lausanne, Switzerland on the shores of Lake Geneva.

       I was always suspicious of the Winter Olympic in Sochi. I was a supporter of Salzburg holding the 2014 Games, but once Putin showed up in Guatemala City at the 119th IOC meeting on July 4th 2007 and spoke in pretty good English, he got his way. Salzburg was dropped after the first vote and in second round Sochi received 51 votes to 47 for Pyeongchang South Korea. The most expensive Olympics EVER and tainted home athletes whose urine samples were 'fixed' by the Russian lab and the Russian government.

       Costs rocketed from $8 million to $51 billion, more than the $44 billion cost of the Beijing Summer Games which had  three times as many events. There were massive cost overuns  with lots of corruption, threats to LGBT athletes and spectators, threats from jihadists and much fewer visitors than expected.

     Sensationally WADA, the World Anti Doping Agency found that a state sponsored doping and cleansing system changed urine samples and passed samples through a 'mouse hole' at the Russian facility and exchanged tainted samples for 'clean' ones.

       All Russian fencers have been passed as CLEAN. It helps that the FIE President is billionaire 'VLAD PAL' Alisher Usmanov, who is on the board of Arsenal F.C.  All 44 beach and indoor Russian volleball players were passed OK as were 3 male and 3 female Taikwado competitors. Russian weightlifters at London 2012 are banned. They had taken a whisky cocktail of steroids. 67 of 68 Russian track & field competitors are banned. The one excpeption has lived and trained in USA for many years.

      All badminton, archery, equestrian, judo, shooting and tennis players have been passed as clean. Both men's and womens, football, rugby 7's and basketball did not qualify.

      I have followed the Olympics since 1956 in Melbourne and at school we had a small transister radio before lessons started to listen to former gold medal winner from Paris 1924 (Chariots of Fire) Harold Abrahams commentate on the finals. Television was banned since BBC and others refused to pay for coverage. HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED.

     Yesterday at The Alexander Hall in The Kremlin about 200 Russian atheletes were introduced to Vladimir Putin and banned two time Olympic pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva Also present was Vitaly Mutko the Sports Minister, who is also in cahrge of the Football Federation and World Cup 2018. He has been told that he is not welcome in Rio de Janeiro. He was proved to have covered up a positive doping of a Russian footballer.

      It is getting more and more difficult for democratic countries to persuade their citizens that it is worthwhile to host an Olympics Winter or Summer Games. At a meering in Monaco hosted by former Olympian Prince Albert it proved difficult to find a candidate city.for Winter Olympics 2022.  'A sunny place for shaky people' possible describes Monte Carlo-Monaco. The good citizens of Oslo, Stockholm, Munich, Quebec City, Barcelona and Krakow all dropped their bids and it was left to Almaty, Kazakhstan and Beijing (that well known winter sports centre) to bid against each other. Beijing won.

     The Russian delegation left Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport for Rio de Janeiro, still not knowing who will eventually compete.