Posted: 6/30/2016


       Foreign owners, foreign managers and foreign players. That is part of the sorry state of English Football.

       How many times have you heard a millionaire English manager say how honoured they would be to take the second most important job in England. Well, Roy Hodgson made sure that he was paid £15 million over the last four years....and would NOT have done it for a penny less!! The day after he thankfully resigned...before he was pushed over The White Cliffs of Dover, he did not want to show up at a press conference to answer questions.

       The tabloids favourite to succeed him is u21 manager Darren Southgate who was sacked by Middlesborough and won the recent u21 Toulon Tournament in the South of France, where there was little pressure, and the biggest problem being the noise from passing traffic. The next favourite from those geniuses at The F.A. ...SHAUN THE SHEEP.. was seriously considered...but  his parentage was questioned ..and was too Welsh for the job.

        I remember ALL the previous managers, from Walter Winterbottom to Roy Hodgson, after previous teams were chosen by Bob Lord the Burnley butcher and his cronies. in 1990 i was in Turin when England were knocked out on penalties by West Germany and manager Bobby Robson was told pre-tournament that he would not be offered a new contract. 

      He was follwed by the disaster of Graham Taylor before first Terry Venables and then Glenn Hoddle were bright sparks but both removed. Venables because of his supposedly dodgy outside business interests and Hoddle after an incredible rant about disabled people. Howard Wilkinson, Kevin Keegan and Peter Taylor came and went before we got the first foreigner Sven -Goran Ericcson.

     David Beckham, Arsene Wenger, Sam Allerdyce, Glenn Hoddle, Steve Bruce, Jurgen Klinsmann... Great with Germany, disaster at FC Bayern. His family still runs Bakerei Klinsmann at Eltringer Str 69 , Stuttgart.Sold great little sugary buns with '7-1' in icing on top after 2014 World Cup. The most successfully still employed F A international manager is 33 year old Welshman Mark Sampson..a brilliant tactician, but not a chance. 

      Wales manager earns £220,000 a year ..LESS  than Gareth Bale earns in ONE WEEK.!!  Antonio Conte, Italy £3.8 million, ,Fatih Terim,Turkey £2.9 m., Joaquim Low Germany £2.7 m, Vincent del Bosque,Spain £2.5 m.. Didier Deschamps, France £1.7 m, Marcel Koller Austria £1.2 m, Fernando Santos, Portugal £1.0 m Martin O'Neill Ireland £0.8 m. Vladimir Petrkovic Switzerland £0.62 m, Marc Wilmots, Belgium £0.62 m, Lars Lagerback, Iceland £0.36 m, Michael O'Neill, Northern Ireland £0.27 m, Gianni De Biasi, Albania, £0.23 m, Chris Coleman £0.22 m.

       Most teams have extensive backroom teams from physical trainers to dieticians, doctors, goalkeeper specialists etc. Hodgson thought it necessary to have TWO well paid assistants in coaches Gary Neville and Ray Lewington. Why do you need two of them?

      in the past I have made jokes about iceland not having any dogs...because there are no trees and very few fire hydrants ! Believe it or not but dogs are actually banned in general in Reykjavik the capital. Only with special disposition are they allowed, seeing eye dogs etc. NO chance if you live in an apartment. Not really relevant to EURO 2016, but little chance of getting bitten and  no clubs can afford Carlos Tevez !!

     More and more so called experts think that Glenn Hoddle should be given a second chance as England coach, with a team manager above him Such as Oliver Bierhoffat the DFB, a 70 cap player for Germany and scorer of the Golden Goal at 1996 EURO Final. Played for AC MIlan,Hamburger SV, Austria Salzburg, Monaco, Borussia Monchengladback, Ascoli, Udinese...and more. Have we got such a high quality figure in English soccer to take some pressure off Hoddle? Maybe RAY WILKINS !!!

     More later !!