Posted: 6/14/2016


         With the French security and police forces concentrating on keeping both its citizens and visitors safe from harm from muslim terrorists the very last thing they need to worry about is football hooligans in its streets and ten stadiums and many fan zones. It does not help that UEFA is LEADERLESS without an elected President after Michel Platini has been banned from ALL football activities and  General Secretary  Gianni Infantino became President of FIFA.

         The joyful scenes of Swedish and Irish fans dancing and singing together in Saint Denis and of Polish and Northern Irish fans doing the same in Nice was what we want to see happen, but these scenes are not witnessed everywhere. The three days of mayhem in the Old Port District of Marseilles and after the final whistle at Stade Velodrome are inexcusable and must not happen elsewhere with only 10 of 51 matches completed so far before the final in Stade de France in Saint Denis on July 10th.

       Tuesday morning a bus carrying 50 Russian 'fans' under the leadership of the obnoxious Alexander Shprygin, far right head of the Russian football supportes union was stopped in Mandelieu near Cannes Airport. On Sunday evening police entered their hotel in Cannes and took photos of the groups passports and visas. One supporter who was led off the bus wore a T shirt with RUSSIANS-NO SURRENDER. Today the police took  their bus bound for Lille, where their team plays Slovakia on Wednesday.  to the local gendarmerie. They turned the A.C. off, closed the toilet and as they were each led off the bus .27 of them were told that they would be deported back home and taken to Nice Cote d'Azure Airport.

        The local procecutor Brice Robins said said that the Russian Ultras were extremely well trained and hyper-violent, wearing gum shields and wielding truncheons.and that there were about 150 violent Russian hooligans loose in Marseilles intent on damage and hurting English fans and anybody that they could find. In the stadium at the final whistle they let of red and green flares and attacked English fans, men, women and children who were only separated by a tarpaulin screen.

        This morning UEFA gave the Russian Football Union a 'SUSPENDED DISQUALIFICATION'  and a 150,000 Euro fine for their supporters conduct. and warned that if there was any more such trouble in their matches with Slovakia on Wednesday or with Wales the following Monday in Toulouse they would be kicked out of EURO 2016.

        Yesterday 6 so called English fans, alomg with one Austrian and three Frenchmen  were in court in Marseilles and sentenced to short prison sentences of from one to three months. Five were found guilty of throwing beer bottles at police and one of fighting police. Chris Booth, The father of a 20 year old ALEX BOOTH, a cook from Huddersfield, called his son's sentence 'A miscarriage of Justice" (Perhaps a miscarriage 20 years ago would have solved that problem !! ).  Maybe a bit cruel. Probably not going to be a habitual criminal but time in the notorious Baumettes prison on the outskirts of the city, with its smelly squat toilets might knock some sense into the brat. Guess whose photo is going to be on the front page of the' Huddersfield Examiner' tomorrow morning ??

          Another group of Russian Ultras led by VADIM FEDOROVSKY claimed that the French police had stopped the wrong bus and said that they would SMASH  Lille  and Toulouse on their arrival. They were travelling in small groups in rental cars and by train. so to be less conspicuous.

           UEFA has employed the anti-racist organization FARE NETWORK the organization that monitors racism in stadiums during the tournament.. SHPRYGIN has provoked outrage by saying that he wanted Russian teams to have only non Slav players represent his country.  A violent gang culture exists in Russian football, with groups of 50 or so representing rival clubs  meeting and fighting in the forest or space outside stadiums. Inside stadiums at league matches the police presence is highly visible and ready for action.

       Daniel Warlow, a know trouble maker appeared in court today 900 MILES away from Marseilles were he was obseved in a news clip by a dedicated West Midlands Police unit throwing a metal chair last Friday.June 10th. The 24 year old Birmingham City supporter  was given a 5 year banning order. from attending club or international matches.

      I vividly remember FIFA WORLD CUP 1998 in France, including 2 matches in Marseilles, plus two in Lyon, plus Nantes, Paris and two in Lens. Lens is the smallest host city for EURO 2016 with the total population able to fit into the 35,000 capacity  Stade Bollaert-Delelis. There is a narrow road from the small train station to the stadium. After the Germany v Yugoslavia  2-2 match  in Lens a French policeman  was violently beaten by German fans. He was in a coma for 6 weeks. One attacker was arrested on the spot and jailed for 10 years. Five others were arrested and jailed in Germany. 

      At the German v Ukraine match in Lille a couple of days ago the 61 ex policeman DANIEL NIVEL, who was never able to work again, was a VIP guest of the DFB along with wife Lorette and 2 sons and a grandson. A NICE GESTURE. The DFB introduced the Daniel Nivel Foundation to tackle violence in football.

     Regional Administrater Fabienne Buccio said he will have 1200 police officers and an equal number of private security guards on duty prior to and during the England v Wales match. Bars and restaurants in both Lille and Lens can only serve alcohol in plastic cups and must close at 11.00pm. while shops are banned from selling alcohol on Wednesday and Thursday..