Posted: 5/16/2016


         It has not been Manchester United's season...and it's not over yet, with the delayed match with Bournemouth to be played tonight, Tuesday, 17th May at 8.00pm. That's Norway's Constitution Day NASJONALDAGEN, since 1814,so the many Norwegian's who were at Old Trafford on Sunday will not be returning..Neither will thousands of fans who booke flights and hotels for the weekend and came from all over the world.

        Finally we have the name of the company that screwed up and caused all the problems. Chris Reid, a former Met Policecounter  terrorist officer and owner of Security Search Management & Solutions Ltd from Kent. He admitted that his company was at fault for leaving the planted fake bomb in the 5th floor men's toilets of the exclusive 100 CLUB at the NW Corner of the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand.

        Evidently MAISY, the explosive sniffing dog can't read but can recognise male and female symbols on the doors of rest rooms and wouldn't enter.  HOWEVER, FU FU a trans-gender French Poodle sniffer dog had no such qualms. OR SO I AM TOLD ! Thierry Henry, part of the SKY SPORTS commentary team was told to leave the stadium and move 200 yards away, He said that the first time ever at a match he was patted down and searched by security when he arrived. Evidently FU FU, loved his perfume and jumped up and licked the fellow Frenchies face..OR SO I AM TOLD !

       ED WOODWARD the United Executive Vice-Chairman still hasn't apologized or accepted responsibility for the screw-up by his club, and said that not knowing the full story at the time, that calling the match off was the correct decision. Ed had flown to Mexico City for the FIFA CONGRESS on Friday and left after 24 hours when he didn't receive a £35,000 wrist watch that he had expected to be in a lavish 'goodie bag'. HOWEVER he did return with a 130 Mexican Peso (£5.00) Sombrero, and seemed happy enough..

         Police and security don't come cheap and the Greater Mannchesthe police receive time and a half or double time for such duties. Actually they and the Man United security staff did a brilliant job in emptying the biggest stadium in the Barclays EPL quickly and calmly, with great cooperation from the fans of both teams and the thousands of foreigners that usually attend,

       The 'suspect' bomb was actually one of fourteen planted last Wednesday but only 13 were retrieved after the exercise. The 'bomb' was discovered just 20 minutes prior the the 3.00pm kick off by a member of the public and was about 8" long and hanging over a toilet door. it was marked TRAINING DEVICE.  That member of the public was actually SITTING ON THE TOILET when he noticed the device. It has not been reported HOW FAST HE MOVED !

      Chris Reid was hired by a sniffer dog company  in Llandegfan Anglesey in NW Wales. He also worked G4S at the 2012 London Olympics who had to be replaced by British troops when they failed to provide adequate security. Mr Reid claims that his small company wiil probably have to go into liquidation. Evidently they only have £3,000.00 in the bank and face millions in lawsuits. Manchester United are out at least £4 million and probably much more, but have deep pockets,

        Tony Lloyd is the acting Greater Manchester police and security chief as well as the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Probably VERY lucrative double dipping !! NOT to be confused with the newly elected Lord Mayor of Manchester  Carl Austin-Behan, a former Mr. GAY U.K.  Tony Lloyd claims it was an utter shambles with extra police, police sniffer dogs and the Army bomb disposal unit called in.

       About 5,000 Bournemouth fans were at Old Trafford and most will not be able to take time of work on Tuesday for the match. In fact Bournemouth AFC have offered free buses to their fans for the 14 hour round trip, but have only been able to charter enough buses for about 500 of those fans.

      Classless Class Action lawyers are looking for a big pay day. They usually charge 35% of any money earned from such suits. SO 75,000 fans may chare 65%. SEEMS LIKE FIFA !!