Posted: 4/7/2016


         Well now, hands up if you DON'T recognize anybody caught up in the PANAMA PAPERS Scandal !!

         Lucky I haven't been named in the leaks about the millions hidden away in Central American or the Caribbean. I hid mine under the mattress in gold bars...very uncomfortable sleep. I once spent about an hour in Panama, wandering out from the airport terminal in 1978 on the way to Buenos Aires for the FIFA World Cup.

         It seems that the NEW. squeeky clean FIFA under President Gianni Infantino is already caught up in Panama when, as General Secretary of UEFA in Nyon, he signed and agreement  for 2006 -2008 TV rights with a the disgraced Argentinian sports marketing company for Champions League rights for  $111,000 which were immediately sold on to an Ecuadorian broadcaster, Teleamazonas for $311,170 - three times that amount. Cross Trading was the name of the company, owned by Hugo Jinkis. He and his son Mariano are under house arrest in Argentina, and fighting extradition to USA for bribery and kick backs. He signed an agreement with 'TEAM'- UEFA's broadcasting and marketing arm.

       They were registered in the tiny South Pacific tax haven of NIUE , which should have rung a bell with UEFA.  As we learn more and more every day after somebody hacked the Panamanian offshore financial law firm of MOSSACK FONSECA. Thousands of people and companies have paid millions to keep their offshore accounts secret. Without secrecy Mossack Fonseca is useless.

       Juan Pedro Damiani is a Uruguayan attorney and President of world famous club Penarol in Montevideo, He and his law firm has had a long and fruitful relationship with Mossack Fonseca.  He helped the Jinkises set up or move their anonymous offshore companies in Niue. Damiani's other claim to fame is ithat he is currently serving on the FIFA ETHICS COMMITTEE. HOLY NIUE !!

        A week earlier I was even more shocked..but hear that the FIFA President had flown from Zurich to Bristol on low cost airline EASYJET for a FIFA meeting in South Wales for the Laws of the Game committee, IFAB,  whereas previous presidents Sepp Blatter and Joao Havelange favoured private jets.

        Already disgraced Jerome Valcke, former FIFA General Secretary, is under investigation from Swiss and French prosecutors and was recently banned from all football activities for 12 years.  Misconduct related to World Cup ticket sales, abuse of the FIFA travel expense rules. attempts to sell TV rights to a third party for below market rights(and receive a kick back) and destruction of evidence. Well, more trouble for the guy. The Panama Papers leaks also showed  that a company called Umbelina S.A., a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands on July 2, 2013 . using Mossack Fonseca as as its registered agent purchased  a $3.7 million 104 foot Italian luxury super yacht named "Jade Mary "  . The leaked documents showed that the sole owner is actually Jerome Valcke,. It has since been renamed "Ornella"- Valcke's wife's name.!

        Michel Platini, recently baned from all soccer activities for 8 years, reduced on appeal to 6 years, also showed up in leaked documents from Mossack Fonseca. On November 30, 2007 it shows that they incorporated Balney Enterprises Corp. an anonymous Panamanian offshore company.  It is soley controlled by Michel Platini !!