Posted: 1/15/2016


         Lord Sebastian Coe, 1,500 meter winner at the 1980 Olympic games in Mscow and 4 years later in Los Angeles was later the organizer of the most recent London 2012 very successful games. Last Friday he flew from London to Munich for the day and sat in the audience as Richard 'Dick' Pound saved his skin with support for his presidency after a scathing second WADA 89 page report about his IAAF organization.

         It may not interest as many people as the terrible events that FIFA has gone through recently, but unlike football the bribery and corruption in the IAAF has actually effected performances on the track whiile the FIFA scandals were not affecting results on the pitch. Coe replaced Lamine Diack, the Senegalese, who had been head of the organization for 16 years after the untimely death of the previous boss Primo Nebiol of Italy, Diack Sr is now under house arrest in Paris with his passport confiscated. while one of his two accused sons, Papa Masata Diack is on the run in Senegal with Interpol trying to collar him.

      The next thing for Coe and the IAAF to do is to move out of their expensive Monte Carlo HQ that they only moved to in May the day after I walked past and took some photographs. As it expands its office needs to move to a location where minor staff can afford to live nearby, and of course Coe and his successors need to be paid a salary.

       French authorities are preparing some serious fraud and corruption charges against many individuals who have already been banned by IAAF. A figure of $25 million has been mentioned as a 'bribe' going all the way to the top, including Vladimir Putin, to win the World Championships to Moscow 2013, and to help cover up systematic doping of the nations track & field athletes, and hiding or destroying their tainted drug specemins.

      The senior Diack, along with his two sons, his attormey Habib Cisse and his executive director were all part of a conspiracy to make millions of dolars and influence the sporting results and even the choice of venue cities for world events. Eugene, Oregon was chosen without a vote for the 2021 championships while Gothenburg, Sweden, a successful host in the past, did not have its most recent bid even considered or voted on. Eugene is near the world headquarters of NIKE, for which Lord Coe was a highly paid consultent until public pressure made him cancel his lucrative agreement,

     IAAF Presidents do not get a salary, unlike the $10 million or so enjoyed by Sepp Blatter, and with headquarters in the most expensive Monte Carlo, obviously money came from bribes and kick backs. Diack enjoyed a 'grace and favour' suitte at the Fairmont Hotel plus lavish expenses for a sport that struggles to excite the general public except for The Summer Olympics and World Championships. I enjoyed middle distance and cross country at high school and went to the same graduate university as Sebastioan Coe, though much earlier. In fact my room mate there held the world record for the indoor mile, was the World Student Games 1,500 metre champion and I went all the way to Tokyo to see him compete for Team GB at the 1964 Olympics.

    Six failed Russian drug cheats competed at London 2012 and athletes from Turkey, Kenya, Spain Morocco and Ukraine have yet to be investigated by WADA, the World Anto Drug Agency. Questions have already been raised about the awarding of the 2020 Summer Games to Tokyo, the 'safe' bet after Diacks eldest son  got a $5 million 'sponsorship from the Japanese and Istanbul, who refused the 'bribe', was not considered. A Turkish athlete was asked for a $650,00 bribe by the younger Diack in order  that she not be stripped of her London gold medal. Doha's choice for the 2017 world championships, after Beijing 2015 and London 2017 is questionable,

       French police found $100,000 when they raided the home of Gabriel Dolle the disgraced former head of the IAAF anti-doping programme outside Nice. Dick Pound a high ranking and esteemed Olympic Committee member from Canada, likened the current scabdal to that of the IOC when Salt Lake City won the bidding for the Winter Games, a crisis that brought the IOC to its knees and resulted in major cleansing.

       Today we have had the revelations about match fixing involving 16 tennis players in the last few years by gambling sydicates in Russia, Northern Italy and Siciliy..AND THE SCANDALS GO ON...AND ON !