Posted: 1/1/2016


       SEPP BLATTER and MICHEL PLATINI are banned for eight years from all football related activities. ABOUT TIME TOO !!!, JEROME VALCKE has yet to have his fate decided, and from what I hear it might be a LIFETIME BAN. The Frenchman is not really a football man and had been trying to leave the organization with a big bonus and retirement package.

      The latest news is that Swiss authorities have frozen 13 FIFA accounts worth $80 million and passed financial documents to the US Department of Justice in its continuing and expanding operation to seek out criminality in FIFA and Latin American football deals using US based financial institutions. Records related to sports marketing agency ISL, which collapsed into criminal bankrupcy in 2001 after paying millions in bribes to sports officials including former FIFA President from 1974 to 1998 Joao Havelang have been passed over. The US DOJ is evidently trying to snare Blatter, although there is no extradition treaty to send a Swiss national to the United States. I remember visited ISL HQ a couple of times in 1990 and bought a bunch of tickets for my group on the way to ITALIA 90 World Cup. before they get into other major sports.

      Blatter feels that he has been let down by FIFA and is determined to clear his name after FIFA's independent Ethics Committee  handed the 8 yearr ban for the Disloyal Payment to UEFA boss Platini... an ethics committee that he supported being set up. The committee ruled that there was no legal basis to the 2 million Swiss francs payment to Platini in 2011. The committee ruled that the payment could not be considered to be bribery,,,which would have meant a LIFE BAN for Sepp and Michel.

       Swiss prosecutors are also investigating FIFA's awarding of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar. In the United States prosecutors have indicted 27 current or former officials over allegations that they ran bribery schemes connected to the sale of television rights for football competitions. No doubt that the new US Attorney General Loretta Lynch was the star with her world wide press conferences, and the fact that without the US justice system we would not have had as many and such speedy indictments. The extraordinary sight of 7 FIFA officials taken away from the 5 star Baur Au Lac hotel one early May morning was sensational. Four of those officials have continued to fight extradition to the USA, although 3 did go and are basically under house arrest awaiting trial. I also enjoyed the two photos of Blatter having real US dollar bills thrown at him at a press conference and another of him exiting right into the Zurich air when he announced that he was going to step down...EVENTUALLY !

     We are getting close to RUSSIA 2018 and it may be too late to take it away,,,although I don't see why it could not be moved to 2019 to USA or elsewhere. QATAR 2022 is a MUCH MORE serious matter. If you read THE UGLY GAME..The Qatari Plot to Buy the World Cup. by Heidi Blake and Jonathan Calvert you will read about an EXTRAORDINARY recent history of corruption and massive payments Simon & Schuster and published in the Spring of 2015,  GET HOLD OF A COPY.