Posted: 12/12/2015


        Not sure if all the so called revolutionary new suggestions will get accepted at the FIFA meeting in Zurich on January 26th but there is NO GOING BACK. One up front leader is former Aussie international and corporate attorney MOYA DODD who is a FIFA Exco but if the new rules go through then there will be SIX women on the new FIFA  Executive from each confederation. 

       The FIFA Women's World Cup..CANADA 2015 was a big success...I enjoyed watching most of the matches, and despite the artificial turf there were very few major injuries. USA deserved their victory but I was excited about the third place for England. I remember about 8 years ago when they went out early in the EUROS held in England and in later tournaments when they were far from fit. Now its comparitively good pay, business class flights and as many support staff as players-and a two tier national league.

       What a BIG embarassment for US SOCCCER in Honolulu a few days ago. The womens squad as part of its post World Cup 10 match VICTORYTOUR basically went on strike and refused to play match No. 7 v Trinidad & Tobago at the Aloha Stadium. For the first time US Soccer did not send a front person to inspect the surface. Used almost exclusively for college and occasional pro Bowl American football. It was very old with sharp litte stones and strips were added to widen the surface which lifted up easily and was not playable for international soccer/

     The players have done quite well on the tour with about $1.50 per ticket paid to them in addition to usual match fees. Maybe an additional $600,000.00 from the tour. Strange to bring T&T all the way from the Caribbean. Evidently about 16,000 tickets had been sold. US Soccer President and FIFA Exco Sunil Gulati offered an unreserved apolgy and promised such a mistake would never happen again. US Soccer dis not have to pay for stadium rental and kept ticket income whereas the locals kep all parking and concession income.

    A few days later the two teams did meet in San Antonio's Alamodome, with the hosts winning 6-0 in front of 10,600 fans. December 16th the USA hosts China PR in New Orleans and later in Phoenix to complete the tour. Meanwhile the USA U-20s qualified for the 2016 FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup after defeating Honduras 7-0 in San Pedro Sula;;the world's most dangerous city.. I remember spending a couple of nights there in the 1970's for a CONCACAF tournament. The 2016 tournament with 16 teams will be held in PAPUA NEW GUINEA-PNG.from November 13-December 3 - a pretty dangerous part of the world.

     There have been calls to pay the federations as much for winning and taking part in the FIFA Womens World Cup as the men's competition, but that is nonsense. The men's World Cup is MASSIVE with HUGE income. I still personally believe that WIMBLEDON is WRONG to pay as much to women as to men, who play 5 set matches rather than three. Still Women;s soccer is going places-world wide. FIFA lost $100 million last year with huge sums spent on legal fees and a disastrous time with long term sponsors.