Posted: 11/10/2015


            THEY ARE AT IT AGAIN !! Secret Police (FSB) spying on Olympic testers and threating them, destroying 1,417 drug samples in the Moscow lab, charging athletes NOT to test them and paying massive bribes to then IAAF President Lamine Diack, the Senegalese former athlete paid £800,000 to keep quiet about the Russian tests.

          Six months or so ago I was in Monte Carlo for the day and passed by the new HQ of the IAAF which was about to open the next day. I wondered how they could afford such an expensive  piece of real estate and how Diack could afford to buy a home nearby when the Presidency is  a non paying position. His son had recently been banned for financial malpractice while in charge sales & marketing and is aslo investigation from INTERPOL and the Grench Justice Department,

           Last week Diack, who has since been replaced by Britain's Lord Sebastian Coe was ar    rested by French authorities last month. Diak's legal adviser Habib Cisse and their former head of anti-doping Gabriel Dolle were also arrested, Former Ant-doping chief Richard 'Dick' Pond, a Canadian lawyer published a 300 plus page report yesterday at a press conference in Geneva which was SENSATIONAL in its condemnation of the Russians and the state sponsored doping and cover up.

          One of the biggest questions is the role of the Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko, who is also a FIFA Exco and head of the upcoming 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP committee.  The report was limited to investigating the allegations made in a German ARD broadcast last December and that other sports and other countries might be investigated in the near future.

        Lord Coe a double Olympic gold medalist and head of the very successful 2012 London Olympics, has only been IAAF President a short time and is under pressure to act, almost immediately. He has asked the Russian authorities to answer the allegations and has convened an IAAF board meeting for Friday this week, As the sensational accusations spread across the globe there were many voices demanding that the Russians ytack anf field aquad be kicked out of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro,  Immediately we had denials of ANY wrong doing, both by the Russian government and bu Vitaly Mutko. An already under fore FIFA  has said that they will look into the allegations that Mutko MUST HAVE KNOWN what was going on.

      Pound also acknowledged that public opinion is going to move towards the opinion that all sport is corrupt. FIFA's many recent and not so recent scandals were about money and corruption at the highest level, but it has noy been claimed that World Cup results were fixed. The 2012 Olympics 800 metres women gold and bronxe medals were won by Russian women who had failed tests and should noyt have competed at all in London.  Five athletes, four coaches and a doctor are facing LIFERIME bans.

     Pound further concluded that modern Russian athletics had inherited attitudes from the Cold War days and that FSB involvement certainly has echos of the role the Stasi played in the state run doping in East Germany.

    Mutko who was once exposed for claiming five breakfasts in on day on expenses was defient, claiming that his country had been unfairly singled out and that the commission does not have the authority to suspend anybody. However this report is probably the TIP OF THE ICEBERG. Kenya Athletics is rumoured to be also under investigation.