Posted: 8/2/2015


Revelations in 'The Sunday Times' through their Insight team(who exposed the FIFA scandals), and Germany's ARD about tainted gold medals at Olympic and World athletics championships are a shock, even to those of us who followed East Germany and the Soviet Unions doping scandals and those of world cycling. ARD have broadcast TOP SECRET: THE SHADOWY WORLD OF ATHLETICS.

According to the twelve thousand blood sample results from 5,000 athletes obtained through a whistle blower, about ONE THIRD of medals 'WON' were tainted and a result of dodgy blood samples. Biggest cheats on the block were evidently the Russians, Ukrainians and Kenyans, and in particular the middle and long distance events in the first 12 years of this century. The IAAF was intending to take 'The Sunday Times' to court until they backed down on Friday, knowing that they would lose such a fight for the truth.

Earlier this year I was in Monte Carlo and looking for a particular shop when I passed by a small mansion on the same street with the 'IAAF World Athletics Federation' gold plate on the entrance gate. WHAT ON EARTH ARE THEY DOING THERE ? One of the most expensive real estate addresses in THE WORLD. I am sure that their many well paid employees (65) don't eat in the nearby market like I do every time I visit. The new address at 6-8 Quai Antoine, opened in May by Prince Albert of Monaco. The IAAF has been in Monte Carlo since 1995 when it moved from London. Retiring President is Lamine Diack who has been in charge for 15 years.

In about three weeks the 2015 World Athletics Championships will be held in the Bird's Nest Stadium in Beijing, China, and on the eve of the Opening Ceremony a new IAAF President will be elected. Either British middle distance legend Lord Sebastian Coe or Sergei Butka, a similar legend with the pole vault```, from Ukraine, one of the most tainted countries in the report. The IAAF will also retain another property, just off Casino Square for the use of the Presidential office, at Villa Miraflores. It earns over 20 million annually from TV and such but spends less than 5% on checking on athletes,

WADA (THe World Anti Doping Agency) President Sir Craig Reedie, was visible shocked when interviewed this morning. Two leading anti doping experts, Robin Parisotta and Michael Ashenden were hired to review the blood level results. They claim that TEN medals obtained at LONDON 2012 were dodgy and suspicious. Evidently many Kenyan athletes paid bribes so that they were passed clean by Kenya Athletics, while most Russian athletes know where to go to get the blood doping they are looking for. Bahrain, which 'imports' African athletes and gives them citizenship, are also suspicious.