Posted: 7/17/2015


First of all, if you think that football has problems then take a look at India, the world's biggest democracy. Football has struggled on the great sub continent despite a new pro league,The Indian Super League, and a shocking 2-1 defeat by minnows Guam in the impossible quest for a place at FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 is a big embarrassment.

HOWEVER, the nation's biggest sport is cricket with the Indian Pro League paying ridiculous amounts for franchises and players. Reduced from last season's 8 clubs down to six, there is a possible death knell scenario with the size too small to attract interest. Officials of Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals were found guilty of illegal betting and match fixing. Both clubs are suspended for two years. Betting is illegal in India and is nevertheless a massive billion dollar business and controlled my mobsters.

TV revenues have been massive and many Bollywood stars are owners. Despite a short 7 week season players are paid up to $3 million for their participation. Meanwhile the second season of soccer's INDIAN SUPER LEAGUE will kick off again. Nicolas Anelka, who played so so for Mumbai City FC in 2014 has been announced as player/coach of the Mumbai club for the new sort season. I wouldn't put Nic in charge of a cheese sandwich!!

In New York City we have the first FIFA official to be extradited from a Zurich prison cell to face federal charges after the sensational arrests on the eve of the FIFA Congress. Vice- President Jeffrey Webb of Cayman Islands, but a resident of Georgia will soon face the music.

Down in Washington D.C. US senators grilled US Soccer CEO Dan Flynn at a two hour sub committee hearing about the FIFA scandals and what did US officials know, and when did they know? He is US Soccer's second highest paid employee at $630,450 annually plus gym membership and subway sandwich discount coupons. Still less than Jurgen Klinnsman's $2 million plus deal. Over $150 million in kickbacks for two decades. 14 FIFA officials and sports marketing executives were indicted in May. Traffic paid to secure rights to CONCACAF and CONMEBOL tournaments including the Gold Cup and Copa America.

Traffic President Jose Hawilla agreed to forfeit $151,713,807.43 and became a FBI informant in a plea deal. Nicolas Leoz as President of CONMEBOL in Asuncion, Paraguay, money laundered money with his family for 26 years. They bought whole buildings, ranches and cars and even whole neighbourhoods. His main bagman is Irmina Ortiz de Ezcurra who collected a fleet of 14 cars.

" Comparing FIFA to the Mafia is almost insulting to the Mafia". So said Connecticut senator Richard Blumenthal during the session. Flynn claimed that he knew nothing of the scandals. US Soccer President Sunil Gulati declined to appear as did anybody from FIFA, although Gulati is a FIFA Exco and voted against Blatter in May.

Veteran British investigative journalist Andrew Jennings also appeared at the hearings and has been attacking FIFA and the IOC for years. BRILLIANT !! He called FIFA officials 'low-lifers and 'sleazebags'. He claimed that US Soccer chiefs 'had to know but they looked the other way' about the scandals.