Posted: 7/8/2015


The 155th derby was played last night at SANDYGATE, up in the sweet air high above Sheffield where the steel mill owners and such had their mansions while the workers lived in the smoky valley

On Boxing Day 1860(the day after Christmas)in 1860 Hallam FC and Sheffield FC faced each other for the very first time, 16 a side. Sheffield won 2-0. Sheffield FC was founded in 1857 and as the world's first had to play each other: Married men v Single Men, Professional gentlemen v workers, families against families. William Prest and Nathaniel Creswick wrote to the public schools(actually private schools) who played by different rules, in order to clarify them.

They founded Sheffield FC in a greenhouse on October 24th,1857 at the home of Harry Chambers. Harry became one of 'CLUBS' greatest players and secretary for 40 years. THE WORLD WAS CHANGED FOREVER,

When The Football Association was founded in London in 1863 The Sheffield Rules formed the basis in what is today THE GLOBAL GAME. Heading, solid cross bars, corner kicks, throw ins, free kicks can all be traced to THE WORLD'S FIRST. The first time Sheffield FC played in London at Battersea Park in 1865 the locals laughed when the visitors headed the ball-never seen before down south.

In 1871 The F.A. Cup started up and SFC became the first northern team to enter in 1873. They reached the quarter finals that year and again in 1876 and 1878. CLUB has insisted on retaining its amateur status. The SFC Women's team won the FA League Cup in 2014 and reached the final this May.

Winning the Women's Premier League North title by a 16 point margin they have been promoted to the Division ll for next season, beating Portsmouth in a north-south play-off. A summer schedule league awaits. It's a professional league with money coming from The FA. Opponents will include Reading, Doncaster Rovers Belles, Yeovil Town, Everton, Aston Villa, Millwall Lionesses, Oxford United, Durham, London Bees, and Watford.

Anyway, I thought that I might get a nose bleed as I stepped off the No.51 bus from the city centre as it wound its way up and up. I got off at the St. Francis of Assisi church and opposite The Plough where fans were enjoying a pre- match pint in the sunshine. Hallam FC shares its space with the local cricket club which is even older. The pitch, on the cricket outfield, must have a slope of at least 30 feet or 10 metres. Back in 1804 the owners of The Plough allowed a new cricket club Hallam CC, to construct a pitch on a field they owned next door. Hallam FC won the world's FIRST EVER football tournament, The YOUDAN CUP in 1867. After being lost for well over a century it now sits in the clubhouse.

The Alan Cooper Memorial Trophy stayed at Sandygate after a 1-1 draw. The Countrymen won on pk's 6-5, to add to their win at The Coach & Horses a year ago. A few years ago they were both in the same division but now CLUB play two divisions higher. Before kick off there was a minutes applause for the lives of popular local football broadcaster Brian Bradley and his wife Judy, who died in a recent car crash.

Sheffield's next home pre-season fixture is against the recently famous FC United of Manchester at The Coach & Horses, Dronfield at 7.45pm on Tuesday 14th July.