Posted: 6/29/2015


A pleasant stroll from Zurich's Hbf Main train station takes you to the River Limmat that enters Lake Zurich. Take tram No.5 from Bahnhofstrasse to Zurich Zoo and you find FIFA HQ next to Zurich University sports fields.

The most recent HQ cost about $250 million and houses about 400 employees-well paid as you might imagine. I first visited the old house above the vineyards on SUNNY HILL about 1970 or so when there were less than half a dozen, including the butler in a long cloak with his bloodhound who welcomed me at the door two days before New Years Eve. Today they have a couple of football pitches which seem an excess considering the varsity ones that could be hired next door.

Last week the Hollywood Reporter announced that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, friends since childhood, were among the producers for a proposed new movie, as yet untitled about the FIFA FOLLIES. It will be based on a book that is yet to be published by Besinger HOUSES OF DECEIT about the (much) larger than life Chuck Blazer, the 400 lb former FIFA V.P. and General Secretary of CONCACAF. In 2013 he pled guilty to 13 counts, including bribery and corruption into the bidding for the 1998 and 2010 FIFA World Cups....AND MUCH MORE. He agreed to wear a wire, actually a sophisticated key fob at the 2012 London Olympics and record his conversations with other officials.

Warner Bros. part of Time Warner Inc. won a bidding war for the rights. JOHN GOODMAN is evidently being tipped for the lead role...but even he might need to wear a fat suit.

UNITED PASSIONS was a recently released movie financed mostly by FIFA money about the 111 year history of FIFA, staring Tim Ross, Gerrard Depardieu and Sam Neill ,which was panned by critics. In its release in USA it took in about $918.00 at the box office and cost almost $30 million to produce.

I have previously mentioned that we have yet to investigate fully the goings on at the African Football Confederation (CAF), based in Cairo and its members. I might suggest once again that you get hold of a copy of THE UGLY GAME, by Heidi Blake & Jonathan Calvert; THE QATARI PLOT TO BUY THE WORLD CUP. So much corruption and hand outs to officials in many federations.

Since we are coming to the end of the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup I want to bring your attention to the African qualifiers for the last edition in Germany in 2011. EQUATORIAL GUINEA qualified over South African and joined Nigeria in the finals, despite it's almost non existent female football history. The squad consisted of ELEVEN Brazilians, two from Spain, one from USA, one Swiss, one Lithuanian and 5 local players. Big money and quick passports were the way it worked. Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroons also claimed that they fielded 3 male players; Anona, who plays for Jena in Germany, plus Salimata Simpore and Biliguisa Simpore. CAF refused to investigate.

The NZALANG NACIONAL lost all three group matches to Norway, 1-0, Australia, 3-2 and Brazil 3-0. In 2012 they were DISQUALIFIED from the 2012 London Olympic tournament due to fielding an ineligible player with nationality issues, Jade Boha Sayo in the African qualifiers.