Posted: 6/25/2015


I think that England's u21s coach Gareth Southgate should have 'fallen on his sword' after his team's first loss in UEFA Championships in the Czech Republic...but he probably couldn't get that right either. The FA had bought him a 1,000 suit and had been paying for it in instalments, and it wouldn't fit anybody else, so he stayed.

For the third tournament in a row the Three Lambs exited in the group stage. In Israel 2 years ago they lost 3 matches and in 2011 I was present in Denmark where they never won a game either. Bottom of their group three times in a row. Some of the lambs are already millionaires but at least 5 eligible full internationals weren't picked: Raheem Sterling, Tom Ince, Jack Wilshire, Ross Barkley, Luke Shaw.

SO exactly twelve months since the World Cup team exited FIFA World Cup Brazil, so did the u 21's. Southgate, who signed a one year extension in January, that keeps him in his job until Poland 2017, would love to keep his job, his suit and his salary but he may not get the chance. The FA Performance Director Dan Ashworth may have a say in all this. There are far too many people at FA HQ at Wembley on big money. I just looked at my wallet and I have a card I picked up last year at a match. I won't mention his name but his title is SENIOR NATIONAL GAME DEVELOPMENT MANAGER FOOTBALL SERVICES. Really, give me a break !!!.

More bad news for the hapless FAI boss John Delaney who denies claims in La Nacion in Buenos Aires yesterday. The reporter claims that all Republic of Ireland players were paid $10,000 each 'not to hit Lionel Messi' at the opening of Aviva Stadium in Dublin in 2010. Argentina won the match 1-0 with a first half goal by Angel di Maria. The match was organized by the dodgy group Kentaro and was less expensive than the supposed $5 million to insure Messi against injury. Its not really believable...BUT...after a couple of pints of Guinness !!!

The US Justice Department is looking into the BILLIONS given out to over 200 federations in the last decade or so for 'football development', amid rumours that much of the money finished up in the pockets of federation officials and not on projects. The Cayman Islands FA, whose former president and FIFA V.P is in a cell in Zurich, received about $600,000 for a new pitch 5 years ago, but it hasn't been built yet.

DON'T LET ME GET STARTED on some of the African Federations. is the website of award winning investigative journalist ANDREW JENNINGS. FOUL: The Secret World of FIFA; Bungs, Vote Rigging and Scandals. I remember reading about the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the Nigerians. They had so many suits and their ladies over there with big per diems that they had to charter an extra jet just to carry all the loot that they had bought in China.

A silver for the men's football team and three bronze in taikwando, womens long jump and womens 4 x 100 relay were the only successes. Many officials in Africa asked for personal cash, cars, education for their kids, operations and expensive trips from the likes of disgraced Qatari Mohammed bin Hammam, who was President of the AFC-Asian Football Confederation who handed out bribes like confetti.