Posted: 6/24/2015


This week the Russian government ordered 30 billion($560 million) cuts in spending on the 2018 FIFA World Cup, due to the collapse of global oil prices and economic sanctions imposed due to Moscow's role in the Ukraine crisis.

Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko said that it would not affect stadium construction, but they would cut back on proposed new hotels for example. Prior to this recent announcement 63 billion rubles($118 million) cuts had already been made. 25 hotels, training grounds and other infrastructure had been cancelled. Building material is being sourced locally rather than from abroad and has upted the cost with corruption.

"WE WON IN A FAIR FIGHT" says President Putin and we WILL host the 2018 World Cup. Dmitry Elimov of the organizing committee said that there would be NO negative effect on the event itself.

Half a world away, disgraced Ricardo Teixeira, sacked as President of the CBF and the 2014 host World Cup committee, has spoken. He abandoned luxury homes in Monte Carlo and Miami recently to return to Rio de Janeiro. Accused of a hundred million dollars or so bribes and kick backs he feels that his Brazilian citizenship will save him from extradition to USA to face the Justice Department.

There was a deal with Qatar and the Spain/Portugal bid to swap votes between the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. Qatar tried to have a 'gentleman's agreement' with England but that fell through. "Myself, Julio Grondona, President of Argentina FA, and Paraguay's Nicolas Leoz, the CONMEBOL President, were all FIFA excos. We could deliver our votes for Spain/Portugal for 2018 along with Asian votes delivered by Qatari friends. In the double vote in December 2010 the deal was consummated. In the end Russia got the most votes for 2018."

Sepp Blatter says he will go to St. Petersburg with the FIFA Excos and representatives from 208 nations from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe at the preliminary 2018 draw.It will be held on 25th July at the historic Konstantinovsky Palace on the Gulf of Finland. For the first time EVER, all members say they will enter. NO CHANCE of the US Justice Apartment STORMING THE PALACE and getting their hands on him in Mother Russia.