Posted: 6/19/2015


"The First thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers" Shakespeare's Henry Vl Part 2, Act 4, Scene 2.

Maybe that's not a bad idea, but Sepp Blatter and Jerome Valcke aren't ready for a TOTAL ANNIHILATION... JUST YET !! They have both hired big time USA based attorneys to protect them from future problems. The Swiss attorney general stated a couple of days ago that as a Swiss citizen Blatter could never be extradited to America. Valcke who is a French citizen, well, that is another matter alltogether,

What both of them are worried about is being sued in a US court over the awarding of US TV rights to the 2026 FIFA World Cup, in which USA is the hot favourite to host. FOX was awarded the rights without a tender to avoid facing legal action after shifting the 2022 World Cup from summer to winter which clashes with their NFL coverage.

The other US networks are furious. Fox is reportedly paying JUST $470 million, a 10% rise on the combined $425 million US rights for Russia and Qatar. It is believed that ESPN would have made an opening bid of $500 million or more. with the expectation of having to go much higher to win it.

Blatter has hired Richard Cullen a former federal prosecutor and chairman of law firm McGuire Woods. Valcke who allegedly authorized a $10 million 'bribe' payment from South Africa to Jack Warner, has opted for expensive and powerful New York defence attorney Barry Berke.

On Wednesday AFC (Asian Football Confederation) general secretary ALEX SOOSAY resigned rather than fight corruption allegations. The 46 member confederation is based in Kualar Lumpur, Malaysia. He was reported by a member for asking him to hide or tamper with documents during a 2012 audit. He was very close to former AFC President Mohammed Bin Hammam who was fired and banned for life for attempting to bribe Caribbean officials to the tune of $40,000 each and used the AFC as a personal bank.