Posted: 6/17/2015


The Swiss attorney-general MICHAEL LAUBER gave a press conference in the nation's capital BERN this morning concerning the scandals of the awarding of the 2018 FIFA World Cup to Russia and the 2022 World Cup to Qatar.

"We are faced with a complex investigation with many interesting implications" stated Lauber. " The prosecution is ongoing and will take time. By its nature it will take more than the legendary 90 minutes, maybe months or years."

"We have so far found possibly 53 cases of money laundering and 104 incidents of suspicious activity in Swiss bank accounts. Our investigation is of great complexity and quite substantial. To give you an example; The SAG (Swiss Attorney General's office) has seized over nine terabytes of data. Over 104 banking relations; be aware that every banking relation represents several bank accounts".

Dominic Scala has already reiterated that there could be a revote of both 2018 and 2022 tournament decisions if clear evidence of bribery emerged. Running parallel to the FBI investigation that has so far seen 14 executives being charged, the SAG will be interviewing all relevant people. Data and downloades have been seized in two surprise raids on FIFA HQ and documents from the Swiss marketing agency KENTAR who arranged a very expensive friendly match between Brazil and Argentina in DOHA in 2010.

A disputed summary version of MICHAEL GARCIA's investigation caused the US attorney to quit his post in frustration, raising questions made about the QATAR bid that had been given the lowest marks for security and other issues. The Russians had not cooperated fully, and on Putin's orders had even refused Garcia entry to Russia. Their bid office computers had been rented and later returned, and so conveniently lost all emails and such.

AS I HAVE STATED BEFORE,if time is not on our hands why not postpone the 2018 tournament for 12 months if another European country needs time to prepare. England, France, Germany have the necessary stadiums and infrastructure. OR lets have a EUROPE ONLY competition instead, and let the other 5 confederations see how they like organizing there own regional cups.

MEANWHILE IN SOUTH AFRICA: TOKYO SEXWALE is 62 years old and a member of the ANC-African National Committee. He spent time in prison with Nelson Mandela on Robbens Island, has been a government minister, a member of the successful World Cup bid team and was on the LOC -Local Organizing Committee. He calls into the question the so called 'donation' of $10 million to Jack Warner and the Caribbean Football Union. "Where are the records, where are the invoices, where are the bills, where are the projects on the ground." THE ALLEGATIONS ARE WORRYSOME. BRIBERY LOOKS CREDIBLE.