Posted: 6/15/2015


One of my favourite John Steinbeck novels, set in the great depression, OF MICE AND MEN...a good read.

There was news this weekend that airports will introduce mice in cages to sniff out hard to detect explosives and contraband when you go through security and at carousels at baggage pick up points. This gives me a GREAT IDEA. why not have giant rats at FIFA congresses, 5 star hotels and in limousines where deals are done. IT TAKES A RAT TO RECOGNIZE ONE !! How about that?.

The news out of Zurich from SCHWEIZ AM SONNTAG, quoting 74 year old veteran Swiss PR guru Klaus Stohiker, is that SEPP BLATTER has change his mind and wants to keep his job. This guy was helping his old friend during the recent campaign since Blatter was not allowed to use FIFA personnel. This afternoon FIFA made a statement that their current boss WILL STEP DOWN.

I AM NOT SHORT OF IDEAS. How about those already in custody, plus future FIFA jailbirds, to be allowed to wear football replica jerseys inside. Brazil, Trinidad, USA, Argentina, Paraguay, Qatar, South Africa etc....BRILLIANT, IF I MAY SAY SO. With the tune "AS TIME GOES BY", sung my Sam in CASABLANCA, pumped into their cells. When they finally go down below, I hear that in Hell they have a pristine football pitch with goals, corner flags... BUT NO BALLS ALLOWED. HELL, ISN'T IT !!.

One of the good guys that I have met is the new Mayor of Port Elizabeth, DANNY JORDAAN, who is the President of SAFA (South African Football Association). He was head of the LOC for the 2010 World Cup and is now on the FIFA Marketing and Telivision Committee. He is a native of P.E. and The Sowetan newspaper,claims that he hasn't paid his house electricity bill for SEVEN YEARS. He has also been caught up in the 2010 $10 million payment to then CONCACAF President Jack Warner.

Rumour has it that the FBI are looking into the 15 year long link between The FA in England and Jack Warner. In April 2000 the Trinidadian was flown to Old Trafford as special guest for United v Chelsea and then to London and a special dinner in The Tower of London. Helicopter rides and meeting Prince Charles at his home Highgrove.

England with David Beckham were ordered to play T&T in Port of Spain, with Warner keeping a large portion of the gate money. The FA also loaned his 'bad apple' pal Captain Horace Burrell, head of the Jamaican F.A, 135,000 and then 'wrote it off'. Beckham, Prime Minister David Cameron and FA President Prince William flew to Zurich for the 2018 vote to glad hand Warner and other FIFA crooks.

According to a long time FA employee; " I KNOW THE FBI IS COMING AFTER US. IT'S JUST A MATTER OF TIME".

Among the many interesting results this weekend was yet another defeat for highly paid Fabio Capello's Russia, 1-0 at home to group leaders Austria. Far away in the CONCACAF Russia 2018 play offs, 38 year old former Barcelona and Dutch star Patrick Kluivert has coached CURACAO, ranked 144th in the FIFA rankings, through the second qualifying round.

They drew 1-1 against CUBA in Havana after a 0-0 home leg at the Ergilio Hato Stadium in Willemstad and went through on away His mother is from Curacao. In 2010 The Netherlands Antilles Federacion, consisting of ABC-Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, broke up into three separate federations.