Posted: 6/12/2015


What a great evening at OAKWELL, home of Barnsley FC, on Thursday. The 7.45pm friendly match between ENGLAND u21s and BELARUS u21s was delayed 30 minutes due to traffic congestion. Its only a 10 minute walk from Barnsley Interchange station but narrow traffic clogged streets were a problem for cars and buses. Belarus arrived late and only had a short warm up.

I did my duty for my country as well. The England bus was stuck and the driver asked me to remove all the rubber traffic cones so that he could mount the pavement on the way to the players entrance. I don't think I will get an England cap for my efforts... PITY !

A decent crowd of 15,000 plus showed up on a warm, sunny day and they cheered on JOHN STONE of Everton, but a local boy from the Barnsley Academy set up. Lots of families with young kids with flags and horns and a big base drum booming throughout. Spurs Harry Kane and new Livrpool signing Danny Ings came on for the last half hour. An 83 minute winner from Ben Gibson won the match. Next week Gareth Southgate's team go to the Czech Republic for the EUROS.

MORE trouble for FIFA. Yesterday they fired their media director Walter De Gregorio after ha made a 'police' joke about Sepp Blatter during an interview with a German TV station. This morning INTERPOL, headquartered in Lyon, France, and with 190 member countries, announced that they had suspended their 20 million euro 10 year INTEGRITY IN SPORT agreement with FIFA to combat organized crime, gambling and match fixing. Director Jurgen Stock and his executive were persuaded to act after the recent US and Swiss judicial happenings.

" The funding party (FIFA) declares notabily that it's activities are compatible with the principles and aims of Interpol." WELL we know all that went out of the window ! American MICHAEL GARCIA, who who resigned as an independent investigator/prosecuter for FIFA recently was Interpol's VP forThe Americas until he took on the FIFA role.

More trouble for CONMEBOL. Their huge, glitzy 8 storey HQ (for only 10 member countries) in Ascuncion, Paraguay has enjoyed diplomatic status, similar to a foreign embassy. NOT ANY MORE ! The Paraguayan Senate has just taken that status away after two former Presidents, Eugenio Figueredo and Nicolas Leoz have been charged in USA with corruption. Congressman Hugo Rubio sponsored the bill, which President of Paraguay Horacio Carles is expected to sign. " My greatest fear is that they have already destroyed important documents before we can enter the building", said Rubio.