Posted: 6/9/2015


The Swiss banks on the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich have for years protected crooks of all kind from detection due to the country's famous secrecy laws, and the Federal government have likewise protected the 70 plus international sports federation that call Switzerland home.

NOT ANY MORE. The IOC, FIFA the International Cycling Union and many more have tarnished the image of this mountainous land and hidden under their NON PROFIT STATUS. There is a bill going through parliament in the capital BERN to target these institutions, their officers and even their family members. PEPs are POLITICALLY EXPOSED PERSONS, including leading figures such as Sepp Blatter and Thomas Bach, head of the IOC in Lausanne and members of Switzerland's House of Representatives and the Senate, just like foreign political figures. It will include sporting bodies that are active world wide.

The bill will also introduce a cap of 100,000 Swish francs ($104,000 US) on cash transactions. Until recently it was not even a crime to offer payments for votes or services as ISL FIFA's marketing partner, which was based in Lucerne did, offering inducements of millions of dollars to gain favour until its collapse.

One former FIFA executive out of the past surfaced yesterday with some incriminating information. GUIDO TOGNONI who used to be FIFA Press Officer then Chief Marketing Officer and spin doctor,and is an avid ice hockey fan like Blatter. Tognoni claims that Blatter knew all about the financial goings on of his Excos and will have to answer to authorities in Switzerland or USA soon. He was fired from FIFA in mid 90's, wound up at UEFA, rehired by FIFA and fired again in 2003. FIFA paid his $300,000 a year salary for a further three years.

I visited him in his FIFA office about 20 years ago where he was wearing his famous green suede shoes. In a recent FRANCE FOOTBALL magazine interview he describes FIFA as "JUST LIKE A LITTLE MAFIA", when reporters were investigating "QATARGATE". Current CEO Jerome Valcke was also fired by FIFA after lying in a New York court about the MASTERCARD/VISA mess. While he was out of FIFA for less than seven months he received $100,000 to work on the BRAZIL 2014 bid. "THE MORAL BOX IS EMPTY" says 55 year old Tognoni.