Posted: 6/8/2015


Did you know that Jack Warner owns a football club in Trinidad? Its called JOE PUBLIC FC and the home stadium next to the Dr.Joao Havelange Centre of Excellence, on land secretly owned by Warner and paid for as a loan by FIFA that was never paid back and finally cancelled.

With the T&T national team failing to qualify for the 1998 World Cup, Warner formed the club and had a $600.000 artificial turf pitch and 6,000 seat stadium paid for with a FIFA grant. The stadium is named after a former national team player MARVIN LEE, paralysed for life after a clash with Landon Donovan in an u21 international match. They have done quite well and even beat New England Revolution on aggregate 6-1 in CONCACAF competition. They are partnered with FC Dallas of USA and CA Paranaense of Curitiba, Brazil. Jack Warner is still listed as Chairman., and

He is still a Member of Parliament for Chaguanas West.He formed his own ILP party.(we have seen the bright lime green hat and T shirts on TV). Today the BBC flew to the island and tried to talk to him, without success, at his constituency office. He bought time on local TV a few days ago and rambled on and on and said that he feared for his life. He had to hand in his passport and is required to report to the police twice weekly. He even claimed that FIFA financed his opponents political campaign. Former T&T attorney general Lawrence Maharaj said that Warner pumped millions and millions into his election campaign. "Donors had to write 3 checks; one to the party and two to 'certain individuals', claimed Maharaj.

" Power of the People is Stronger than People in Power" so says the party. The BBC also revealed that the FBI is pouring over 70 plus Warner bank accounts all over the place. When the Haiti earthquake hit in 2010 FIFA and the Korean FA sent money to Warner's CONCACAF account. Evidently at least $750,000 was diverted to his own personal use. The current T&T attorney general, Garvin Nichols, hopes that Warner will " Do the right thing for his country" and agree to be extradited as soon as possible to the USA.

After USA was defeated by Qatar for the right to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, former US President Bill Clinton returned home with then attorney general Eric Holder, Morgan Freeman and Sunil Gulati. The fact that they heard that the CONCACAF President had voted for Qatar did not go down well. Perhaps that started the American justice system start to take an interest.