Posted: 6/7/2015


"SEPP BLATTER....HE PAID FOR YOUR GROUND." England fans singing at AVIVA STADIUM, Dublin today.

The DODO was a flightless bird in Mauritius, first sighted by a Dutch sailor in 1598. By 1662 it had been hunted out of existence. After the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS was founded in San Francisco on 10th January 1920. It only lasted 26 years with Germany, then Italy, Japan, Spain and others leaving. It had 58 members at its height in mid 1930's.

It was replaced by the UNITED NATIONS on 20th April 1946. FIFA was founded in Paris on May 21st 1904 at Rue Saint-Honore with just seven members; FRANCE, BELGIUM, DENMARK, NETHERLANDS, SPAIN, SWEDEN, SWITZERLAND. THE F.A. in England, under President LORD KINNAIRD, declined to join. FIFA was wound up with 208 members in 201-, ......???? .

WELL, IT COULD HAPPEN, AND SOON. with revelations pouring out on a daily basis and the net is tightening on FIFA's bad guys in all corners of the globe. The safest place to be is maybe in RUSSIA, a country that NEVER extradites its citizens-AND WHY NOT CALL IT A DAY AND FORM A BRAND NEW INSTITUTION ?

There is evidence, obtained by the BBC of Jack Warner's bank statements, showing money received for his vote for South Africa, after already receiving a $1 million bribe from the Moroccans. He used his adult sons Daryan and Daryll to help launder the money. They have already pleaded guilty and are cooperated with US authorities. Ismail Bhamjee an Exco member from Botswana, claims that Morocco actually won the vote by TWO VOTES.Officially South Africa won by 14-10.

He was suspended for selling his FIFA ticket allocation for profit. During the 2010 tournament I took the scheduled luxury bus from Pretoria to Gaborone, Botswana for curiosity and 3 days of sightseeing. I had a tour of a wildlife preserve and watched an African Nations match between BOTSWANA and CHAD. At the FA HQ across from my guest house and the University, I found that the office of the CEO was closed and hidden by a giant plant. He had been fired for corruption. I went to Bhamjee's shop but he was nowhere to be seen. One of the most peaceful and corruption free places on earth.

Bhamjee's accounts were corroborated by Michel Bacchini, former FIFA Director of Competitions, who had worked for Morocco as a consultant. Ahongalu Fusimalohi, former Exco member from Tonga, said that Morocco offered him $150,000, which he refused. Former FIFA referee and Secretary General of FIFA MICHEL ZEN-RUFFINEN says that WARNER is "THE BIGGEST GANGSTER YOU WILL FIND ON EARTH". He said that he met the Moroccans in the Schweizerhof Hotel in Bern, the Swiss capital. They wanted to recruit him to bribe the Exco members. Zen-Ruffinen, recruited as a law student from The University of Zurich to head up a new Legal Department, wanted to SPILL THE BEANS on all the bribes and corruption but was fired by Blatter in 2002 who said "That's the end of MR. SQUEAKY CLEAN.

EGYPT failed to get a single vote for the 2010 World Cup and former(EFA), Egyptian Football Association Chairman El-Dashori Harb, says that his bid team refused a $7 million demand from Jack Warner, at a meeting in Abu Dhabi in 2003.

As for the $10 million paid by FIFA to Warner on behalf of South Africa for his vote and that of CONCACAF members, it was claimed that it was for 'Football Development', BUT WHY? CONCACAF has loads of income from the GOLD CUP and other events, while development money from (SAFA), South Africa, was badly needed in The Rainbow Nation and smaller and poorer Southern African countries.