Posted: 6/6/2015


Possibly hidden among the FIFA SCANDALS in the world's media stories is the news out of The Football League that they will bring in a version of THE ROONEY RULE borrowed from USA's NFL-National Football League. The idea is to give minorities AT LEAST an interview when manager's jobs are advertised.

THIERRY HENRY of LE HAND OF GOD fame has been boring us to death at great expense on SKY TV since his return from New York. I would love to see him get a coaching job in Carlisle or somewhere and off our screens.

We have seen many of The Presidents Men in jail or being chased by authorities world wide and expect many more indictments soon. The present CBF Brazilian football President, Marco Polo Del Nero, saw what happened last midweek in Zurich and fled the country even before the vote. His predecessor, 82 year old Jose Maria Marin, is locked up in Zurich where $17.00 is the maximum allowed per inmate per day for food and drink. HIS predecessor Ricardo Teixeira, former son in law of the great crook Joao Havelange, left one of his luxury home in Monaco last week for Rio de Janeiro where Brazil has more difficult extradition treatise with USA.

Teixeira is now being investigated in Brazil for $150 million plus that has passed through his various international accounts, included much from the NIKE deal with CBF. He was head of the 2014 Brazil World Cup committee until forced out.

I want you all to look at a couple of important web site which you will find very interesting and which I have mentioned before. is the site of a small South African based weekly, MAIL & GUARDIAN, which started up in 1985 to protest apartheid and was briefly closed down by then SA President Klerk. I read it on my first visit to The Rainbow Nation in 1993 after Mandela was released from prison but not yet inaugurated as President. They broke the story of the $10 million 'bribe' paid to Jack Warner for his vote for the 2010 World Cup. Read this weeks issue from an African perspective.

Yesterday the former President of the Egyptian F.A. El-Dahshori Harti claimed that Jack Warner had demanded $7 million for his vote for the 2010 Cup. I would like USA or other authorities to go after Issa Hayadou of Cameroons, the CAF President, and one time FIFA Presidential Candidate soundly beaten by Blatter. He has been accused of accepting a $1.5 bribe from Qatar along with fellow FIFA Exco Jacques Anoumi. He is also under investigation from the I.O.C.

The other important site to keep up with is of award winning journalist ANDREW JENNINGS. His many books and investigations for The Sunday Times, BBC Panorama etc. are unique and FOUL! The Secret World of FIFA: Bribes, Vote-Rigging and Ticket Scandals., is one of his best examples. Also THE LORDS OF THE RINGS. Power, Money & Drugs in the Modern Olympics. Check his site often.