Posted: 6/3/2015


In a passionate interview yesterday after SEPP BLATTER stepped down at a hastily arranged 4 minute press conference at FIFA House, the F.A. chief GREGG DYKE wondered what Blatter and his cronies earn, their expenses and their bonuses. THEY WON'T DISCLOSE THIS INFORMATION. It is thought that Blatter was getting at least $4 million annually plus bonuses AND FIFA pays his Swiss income taxes.

Let me give you some EASILY researched salaries: LEE HSIEN LOONG-Singapore $1,700.00: BARAK OBAMA-USA $400,000.00: STEPHEN HARPER-Canada $260,000.00: ANGELA MERKEL-Germany $230,000.00: JACOB ZUMA-South Africa $223,500.00: DAVID CAMERON-UK $214,800.00: SHINZO ABE-Japan $202,700.00: FRANCOIS HOLLANDE-France $194,300.00: VLADIMIR PUTIN-Russia $136,000.00: DILMA ROUSSEFF-Brazil $120,000.00: NARENDRA MODI-India $30,000.00.

I remember reading leaked letters from the Jack Warner family to FIFA regarding expenses to attend the FIFA World Cup in Germany 2006. Besides the father, his wife, two sons AND his chauffeur having first class flights, 5 star hotels, tickets, all meals and $500.00 a day expenses paid, the sons Daryl and Daryan, complained that they did not get their own suites or even semi-suites-just luxury rooms. Each of the ExCos have unlimited recret accounts at FIFA.Last year Blatter also doubled their salaries to $200,000.00 each just for showing up PLUS 5 star expenses and per diems.

We have heard of all the greed and the fact that Warner was selling World Cup tickets through a MASSIVE SCAM at a massive mark up to T&T fans, and never paid their 2006 World Cup team players what they were due. Blatter also gave him the Caribbean TV rights for the princely sum of only $1.00.

When a regional Caribbean training centre was built you would expect it to be built somewhere in the middle of the chain of island NOT at the southern end in Port of Spain (just look at the map). Jack Warner got it built ON LAND THAT HE OWNED -but did not disclose and FIFA fronted the money to him for THE JOAO HAVELANGE CENTRE.(named after another crook). IT HAS NEVER BEEN REPAID!! It is empty most of the time. They hosted the 2001 FIFA u17 World Cup in T&T.. and the Warner family travel agency owned most of the hotels AND he owns the T&T Federation building and charges them rent. SADLY, after the teams arrived to train, 9/11 occurred in USA and all flights cancelled, so very few travelling families and fans showed up. The Australian team was so dissatisfied with their Warner owned hotel that they moved out within 24 hours.

In 1989 T&T hosted USA in an ITALIA '90 qualifier at Hasely Crawford national stadium. Warner printed 45,000 tickets although the official capacity was only 28,000. USA won 1-0 with a goal by PAUL CALIGIURI and qualified. In 2008 England played T&T there in order to get Warner's vote in 2010 for World Cup 2018. He kept back many tickets to give to Daryan to sell at massive mark ups from his Jet ski shop.

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