Posted: 6/2/2015


It was December 2005 and the district judge in New York told Chuck Blazer, and then FIFA marketing director Frenchman JEROME VALCKE that they were both telling a PACK OF LIES and it was ANYTHING BUT FAIR PLAY and to leave her courtroom. They had tried to get rid of a binding contract with MASTERCARD and wanted VISA instead. They had to pay all costs for both sides, and Valcke was fired by FIFA. " We could not possibly accept such conduct among our own employees". He went back to his house in Corsica. He resurfaced on 27th June 2007 as FIFA General Secretary.!! They also had a scheme to form a gambling company to make money on World Cup matches, which never materialised.

Back in the autumn of 1972 I was in the Olympiastadion in Munich watching a very one sided match: West Germany 7 v USA 0. The Americans were college boys including goalie SHEPP MESSING of Harvard University, and the Germans were pros in The Bundesliga, BUT they had declared themselves AMATEURS that season to be eligible for the Olympic Games tournament. In fact they were each being paid into secret Swiss bank accounts at UBS on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich by ADIDAS and a German grocery chain !!! . Coached by Jupp Derwell, the team included ULI HOENESS of FC Bayern, until recently FCB President but now in jail for tax evasion, and Ottmar Hitzfeld. My friend Marco Antonio Dorantes of Mexico was the referee. I had easily got into the Olympic Village mingling with real athletes and had exchanged lapel pins with the first Israeli athlete to be murdered by Palestinian Black September a few days later.

Forward about 5 years and I was staying with Marco and his wife Nina in their apartment in Mexico City, with Scottish plaid furniture, curtains etc., since his grandmother was from Edinburgh. We went to a CONCACAF meeting at the Centro de Capacitacion, the Mexican National training centre, where USA was voted back into the organization after leaving it for a number of years. I was invited to lunch at small tables with Marco, Jack Warner, then a history teacher in Port of Spain and T&T association secretary, and Andre Kamperveen, a former pro with FC Haarlem in Holland and now President of the Suriname FA.

Jack told me in later years that all his CONCACAF and FIFA per diems had been invested in real estate until he was a rich man. I kept in touch with Andre with Christmas cards until December 1982 when he was assassinated with 17 bullets to the head. The newly refurnished national stadium in Paramaribo is now named the Andre Kamperveen Stadion...and was inaugurated by--Jack Warner.

Yesterday in Zurich CONCACAF General Secretary, Colombian ENRIQUE SANZ was banned from all football activities by FIFA, along with two Congolese football officials. The press also announced that the mysterious $10 million paid into Jack Warner's account allegedly for votes to give the 2010 World Cup to South Africa had been signed off by Jerome Valcke. He denied it and said that the recently deceased Argentinian FIFA VP Julio Grondona signed off on it. The virulant anti-Jewish Grondona passed away in July 2014. Current South African association (SAFA) President DANNY JORDAAN, in charge of the 2010 Organizing Committee, and recently elected Port Elizabeth mayor, says the $10 million was deducted from the $100 million advance paid to South Africa for World Cup preparations.

Former Paraguayan F.A. President NICOLAS LEOZ is now under house arrest in Ascuncian and fighting extradiction to New York City. Meanwhile RICARDO TEIXEIRA former head of the CBF in Brazil, and ex son in law of Joao Havelange, is now facing corruption charges in Rio de Janeiro. His successor JOSE MARIA MARIN is in jail in Zurich !! Jack Warner in Port of Spain is also facing extradition....and will probably sing like the Red Ibis, the national bird of T&T, to save his skin and HOPEFULLY implicate BLATTER and others. He has promised a TSUNAMI of revelations.

Of the 73 votes that Prince Ali received, 40 were from UEFA members, 2 from OCEANIA, 5 from CONMEBOL, 26 from Asia and CONCACAF. Of the 6 confederations only AFRICA was 100% behind Blatter. As for the rumoured UEFA boycott of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, it does not have enough support. German FA President Wolfgang Niersbach, one of the good guys, stated that there was NO WAY they would not defend their title.

IN MY HUMBLE OPINION, the biggest chance of the 2018 World Cup not taking place in Russia is THE INSURANCE COMPANIES. If Putin is still threatening nearby states then the insurance premiums for millionaire players and hundreds of thousands of fans, airlines and expensive stadiums and other infrastructure would be prohibitive. THINK ABOUT IT !!