Posted: 5/29/2015


Some of you may remember the press conference given by Stormin' Norman -General Norman Schwartzkopf Jr in 1991 in Saudi Arabia at the end of the very quick Gulf War victory. A MASTERCLASS INDEED !

WELL, how about LORETTA LYNCH and her band of federal brothers in midweek to announce unsealed indictments against the FIFA band of outlaws after the dramatic 6.00am raids by the Swiss police at the 5 star Baur au Lac FIFA hotel in Zurich. It was 2 days prior to the 2015 FIFA CONVENTION and vote for the Presidency, where the world's football politicians and the world press were gathered. ANOTHER MASTERCLASS. WHAT A GAL !!!

" I FORGIVE EVERYBODY-BUT I DON'T FORGET". Those were the words of SEPP BLATTER, embattled and re-elected for the 5th time, after 73 voted against him in the first ballot last Friday and later the only other surviving candidate, PRINCE ALI OF JORDAN withdrew, rather than go to a second vote. Blatter was mobbed by African and Asian delegates after the vote for hugs, kisses and selfies ! Fourty one UEFA votes went to the Jordanian plus some North and South Americans and Asians. ONE COUNTRY that did note vote for Prince Ali was - JORDAN!!. It was thought that Russia, Spain, France, Belarus, Cyprus, Iceland and Finland also voted for Blatter !!! I HAVE READERS IN MOST OF THOSE PLACES AND WOULD LOVE TO HEAR WHAT YOU FOUND OUT LOCALLY.

The Brooklyn Press Conference on Wednesday and the indictments of 14 individuals including 9 FIFA officials in multi million racketeering, bribery, corruption and money laundering charges following the 6.00am raids in the plush FIFA hotel. Those officials, accustomed to first class flights, five star hotels, $200,000 FIFA payments plus daily per diem, now find themselves banged inside prison facing extradition to the USA and court appearances. Jeffrey Webb,Cayman Islands, Nicolas Leoz, Paraguay, Jose Maria Marin, Eduardo Li, Costa Rica, Julie Rocas, Nicaragua, Costas Takkas, USA, Rafael Esquavel,Venezula, Eugenio Figueredo, Uruguay. All have challenged extradition and may face up to 6 months in the Zurich cells before the inevitable.

TRAFFIC SPORTS big wig AARON DAVIDSON, Chairman of second tier league NASL Board of Directors and owner of Carolina Railhawks, was arrested in Miami and moved to NYC almost immediately to face at least 12 charges. JACK 'THE LAD' WARNER was arrested in Trinidad and after a night in jail is out on $2.5 million bond, facing 20 charges. Already his two sons, Darryl and Darin have pleaded guilty and are singing like song birds to reduce their sentences.

They were the 'bagmen' for their dad and tried to deposit less than $10,000 a time in various banks. It is called STRUCTURING or 'SMURFING'- trying to avoid the law of reporting money by multiple deposits, just under the reportable amount. "All of these defendants abused the US financial system and violated US laws" said US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, granddaughter of a black sharecropper..

After Chuck Blazer, the 400 lb Secretary General of FIFA found out that his President Jack Warner had lied to him and voted for QATAR rather than CONCACAF member USA, he went ballistic. He also reported the $360,000 plus bribe money paid by Mohammed bin Hammam in his quest for the FIFA Presidency and distributed to members of the Caribbean Football Union in $40,000 handouts. Some refused the payments and even photographed the money and the envelopes. As we now know Chuck Blazer was stopped while riding his mobility scooter in NYC by Federal Agents, and in fear of immediate imprisonment agreed to COOPERATE, and sang as loud as his parrot, and use a wired key fob at the 2012 Olympic Games in London while dining at his MAYFAIR Hotel and elsewhere.

He is now in very serious condition in hospital. After failing to fill in income tax forms for at least 7 years with more than $10 million owing he had no other choice and pleaded guilty in 2013 to 10 counts, but that that was not announced until Wednesday.

Most of the US charges concern bribes and kick backs paid for the marketing rights to tournaments played in the Americas including next years historic COPA AMERICA to be played in USA for the first time. Over one third of proposed income for TV and other rights, more than $100 million went in kick backs. Meanwhile the Swiss Federal Police raided FIFA HOUSE, next to the zoo, and took away files. 10 FIFA Excos who voted in 2010 are called AUSKINFTPERSONEN- people of interest, and will be grilled. They include Blatter, Platini, Issa Hayedu of Cameroons, Angel Maurin Villar Llones of Spain, Michel D'Hoogie of Belgium, Vitaly Mutko of Russia, Senes Erzik of Turkey, Marias Lefharitis of Cyprus, Jacques Anouma of Ivory Coast, Hainy Abo Rida of Egypt, Worawi Makudi of Thailand.