Posted: 2/25/2015


SO, FIFA has spoken, and QATAR will host the 2022 World Cup in November/December with the final possibly DECEMBER 23rd, but a tournament shortened by at least 4 days.

In a meeting in a 5 star plus hotel in DOHA the 2012 Task Force, headed up by Asian Confederation chief Salman bin Ebrahim Al-Khalifa of Bahrain, the giant of world football. !! They met for only an hour after members had flown in first class from around the globe for such a short meeting that had already been decided beforehand. Why is it that these people cannot fly business class-they might be upgraded anyway- with more money being saved for real grass roots projects?

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore - the guy that wanted the 39th game played overseas- was not amused and felt that the proposed dates will affect 50 plus leagues and devastate the entire EPL, Football League and FA Cup Christmas and New Year season.

Meanwhile Phil Neville, that just above average retired Manchester United and England player, felt it would help The Three Lions chances in 2022 because the players will not be tired and it might be the chance to win for a change. WELL, I might agree IF Germany, Italy, Holland, Spain, Argentina and Brazil send their second teams and play with the left and right shoelaces tied together !!!

The most powerful man in world club football is former FC Bayern and West Germany star Karl-Heinz Rummenigge who is Chairman of ECA European Club Association. He wants his pound of flesh for his members, including his own club, and at a snowy training ground at Sabernerstrasse in Munich as a background, he asked for compensation. Sepp Blatter's French poodle, FIFA Executive Jerome Valke promptly turned that idea down straight away. HOWEVER the clubs will get compensation if not the leagues.

You may not realise but for the FIFA WORD CUP in Brazil in 2014 FIFA paid out $70 million (45 million) for the release of 736 players. It amounted to 1,807 per day while players were with their national squads from 396 clubs. FC Bayern received 1.12 million, Real Madrid 832,000 and Chelsea 806,000. In order to placate Karl-Heinz and his members it is rumoured that the pay out for 2022 will be A MASSIVE 135 million !!! NOT SMALL CHANGE !! THE EPA will meet in Nyon, Switzerland next Tuesday to discuss their options.

Of course QATAR may revert to a desert and run out of water and we may have to move to USA. FIFA made the decision a decade ago to have the voting for World Cup 2018 and 2022 at the same convention in Zurich. What a disastrous decision that was and half the EXCO members who voted have been chased out of office for corruption.