Posted: 1/27/2015


Twenty miles south west of London, on the banks of the River Thames is the water meadow of Runnymede and a memorial to the MAGNA CARTA 800 years ago, It was here that the barons met King John, one of many lousy English monarchs to take complete power away. About 50 years ago the American Bar As sociation funded a monument, and of course US law is based on Magna Carta./p

Often when I go to London I visit the The British Library, very close to Euston, St. Pancras International and Kings Cross stations on Euston Rd. A treasure trove of books, maps, artifacts and two copies of The Magna Carta (great charter) on sheepskin parchment. Of the other surviving 2 copies, one is in Lincoln Castle and the other in Salisbury Cathedral. It makes you think how lucky you are to be living in a true democracy, which of course is never perfect, BUT MUCH BETTER THAN THE ALTERNATIVE.

Today is also the 70th anniversary of the liberation of of the camp by the liberation of the camp by the First Ukrainian Front of the Soviet Red Army, Led by Major Anatoli Shapiro, a Ukrainian Jew, it comprised Russians, Ukrainians, Tartars, Georgians and Chechens. The next two FIFA World Cups are scheduled to be played in countries run by dictators, and we read the news yesterday about ISIS executing 13 youths for THE CRIME of watching IRAQ v JORDAN Asian Cup on TV with machine gun fire in a public square.

A bit of good news is the announcement that Michael van Sprang,67, President of the KNVB (Dutch F.A.) and former Chairman of Ajax, will challenge Sepp Blatter,78, for the Presidency of FIFA in May. Other candidates have emerged but may not get the required support of 5 national associations, and pass some other strict requirements. Portuguese legend Luis Figo has also thrown his name in the ring today. The FA in England is expected to support 39 year o;d Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein of Jordan on May 29th.