Posted: 1/7/2015


SO.. we now have three guys who want to be FIFA PRESIDENT at the election in May. Of course SEPP BLATHER wants to be re-elected for a FIFTH TERM. JEROME CHAMPAGNE is a lightweight contender and former FIFA insider. The latest contender is PRINCE ALI of JORDAN who wants to bring law and order and transparency to the world body.

. is a new organization that wants to make a difference to a federation that they, and others, claim is a LAUGHING STOCK. British M.P. Damian Collins and others are launching their programme with a conference on 21st January at THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT in Brussels. Champagne, Harold Mayne- Nicholls, Lord David Triesman, Bonita Mersiades(whistleblower) and others will be in attendance.

DECIMATE is commonly used these days and originates with The Romans decimating legions by killing every tenth man, to set an example. Perhaps FIFA need to decimate(well,just fire), one in ten of the 20+ something age employees that are overpaid at FIFA HQ next to the Zurich Zoo.

PRINCE ALI BIN AL-HUSSEIN OF JORDAN is the third son of the late King Hussein. He has been V.P of FIFA for Asia since January 2011. He graduated from the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst and Princeton University. He was also in the Jordanian Special Forces. he has invested wisely in real estate, restaurants and other businesses. He is President of the Jordanian F.A. and founder president of the West Asian F.A. He was successful in the lifting of the FIFA ban on the hijab in women's football, and has encouraged female participation world wide.


I had the chance to meet him at SOCCEREX GLOBAL CONVENTION in Manchester a few months ago. I also met his mother, who was King Hussein's wife in 1971 when she showed me around the future Olympiastadion work site in Munich.

He has called for openness within FIFA and called for the publication of The Garcia Report. UNFORTUNATELY, Kuwait supports Blatter and he prabably won't get sufficient votes from Asia, never mind the rest of the world. Sheik Ahmad Al-SABAH, President of the NATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTESS who put IOC President Thomas Bach in office, is a strong Blatter supporter.

Not many surprises at the FIFA BALLON D'OR ceremony last night. Nice to see THE EVENT VOLUNTEERS chosen to win the FIFA FAIR PLAY AWARD. Also some great publicity for women's football and for the stunning STEPHANIE ROCHE, whose goal for Peamount United vs Wexford Youths came in second place to James Rodriguez in the voting for the FERENC PUSKAS AWARD for best goal of 2014. She has played 25 times for Ireland. I saw her play against Russia in a 3-1 defeat in World Cup qualifying in May at The Tallaght Stadium, Dublin. She now plays in France for ASPTT Albi in SW France.